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Cable And Wire Manufacturers in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Cable Factory LLC

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Bhnd Modern Bakery, M 43, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi3033102-551188802-5511119

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Electric And Electronics World

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Opp Etisalat, Between Salam and Najda Str, Abu Dhabi5281702-6760266

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Exsym Corporation

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Sedar Bldg, Old Majda Rd, Abu Dhabi3504502-678791002-6787920

Categories: Cable Management Systems | Cable and Wire Manufacturers

Jeddah Cable Co

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Muroor Rd, Abu Dhabi3007202-443434502-4433168

Categories: Lighting Poles Manufacturers | Cable and Wire Manufacturers

Popular Electronics

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Opp Ministry of Finance, Old Passport Rd, Abu Dhabi5141502-641399302-6413883

Categories: Cable and Wire Manufacturers | Printed Circuit Board

About Cable and Wire Manufacturers

Cables and wire industry is growing and contributing significantly towards the economy of UAE. Cables and wires are used extensively in telephone, data cables and as conductors for electricity and heat. They are also used in industries such as the oil and gas and are also used in domestic environments. Cables and wires are vital to so many industries especially the telecommunication and power supply industries as they depend on cable and wires for the functioning of the industry. In the UAE a locality that predominantly holds companies that manufacture cables and wires is Mussafah in Abu Dhabi. Cables and wires are produced using the metal copper. An electric cable is two or more wires wound or plaited together. A wire is just a single strand of metallic rod which is capable of conducting electricity. There are two types of metal wires. A single wire is a wire insulated with a colored sheet. Single or solid wires are better suited for devices that carry the same current capacity and are cheaper than stranded wires. Stranded wires, which are many thin strands of wire twisted together. This type of wire can be used for a longer period of time. Stranded wires are more flexible and do not break when it is exposed to vibration and infrequency. There are various types of cables: they are twisted pair cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cables. Twisted cables are generally the most commonly used cables. The Telecommunication industry uses these cables as they counter the issue of electromagnetic interference. Coaxial cables are cables that are encapsulated under an insulated layer. Fiber optic cables are made of glass threads; they are the latest innovation in the industry that manufactures cables. With technology becoming the prime objective of the UAE, Fiber Optic cables are of late extensively utilized by leading network providers in the UAE. Companies in the UAE that manufacture cables and wires are multitudinous. These companies produce cables and wires that are utilized across various industries.

Featured Companies
  • Cochin Steel LLC

    Cochin Steel LLC

    Market leader and pioneer in the manufacture and installation of storage tanks for Diesel, Petrol and Water tankers. Call: +97165432768, Email: [email protected]

  • Aventis General Maint Cont

    Aventis General Maint Cont

    Aventis is a leading supplier of Fence, Hoarding Panel, Panel Fence, Chain link Fence, Car parking shades, Portacabins, Fire rated Portacabins, and refurbished cabins. We are also specialized in interior and fit-out jobs for Office & Showroooms. [email protected]

  • Al Marwa Car Registration Services

    Al Marwa Car Registration Services

    (Approved by Ministry Of Justice) Legal Translation from English to Arabic & vice versa, Translation of all languages, Car registration service. 04-2631570 055-3905928 [email protected]

  • Berg Engineering Co LLC

    Berg Engineering Co LLC

    Steel Fabricators and Engineers, Tank Manufacturers, Tanks, Storage Tanks, UL Tanks, Silos Manufacturers, Steel Dish Ends, Pressure Vessels Manufacturers Call: 06-5331117

  • Mahmayi Office Furniture

    Mahmayi Office Furniture

    Buy low priced quality office furniture from wholesaler. Large selection. Call. 04-2212358

  • Centre Point Logistics

    Centre Point Logistics

    200,000sqm Logistics Hub in Jebel Ali Free Zone South. Equipped with all type of MHE’s and 24/7 security.
    [email protected]

  • Mahmayi Office Furniture

    Mahmayi Office Furniture

    Buy low priced quality office furniture from wholesaler. Large selection.
    Call. 04-2212358

  • Champions Energy Inc   (ISO 9001)

    Champions Energy Inc     (ISO 9001)

    Call:+97150 5475666, 06-5528113
    E-mail:[email protected]

  • Dana Group of Companies

    Dana Group of Companies

    DANA Group of Companies (Est 1991) comprises 7 companies manufacturing value added products in Steel (roof cladding, profile sheets, insulated sandwich panels, cold storages), Water Solutions (Heaters, Coolers & Chillers) & Oil (Engine oil, Lubricants & Greases)
    Tel:04-2217273, Fax:04-2215940, Mobile:050-7983153
    Email: [email protected]

  • Ayaxxon Lubricants

    Ayaxxon Lubricants

    Manufacturing High Quality Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants, Gasoline Engine Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Heat Transformer Oil, Hydraulic Oil, ATF, Coolant Oil , Brake Fluid and the full range of greases in UAE.
    Call +97150 6267037, 06-7672446 [email protected]