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Carpenters And Joiners in Abu Dhabi

The Beach Marine Equipment Parts

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P-7, 74, Near Al Firdous Real Estate, M-3, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi925102-5552914, 052-7755545 02-5552915

Nasab Carpentry & Decor Works

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M 37, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi7129102-551126602-5511276

Abdul Qader Aslam Carpentry

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M 9, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi978302-5548163

Abdul Razaq Mohm. Manual Carpentry

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New Russian Embassy, Abu Dhabi2870402-6764833

Abu Irfan Manual Carpentry Shop

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Opp to Powerhouse, Bhnd Lulu Centre, Al Salam St, Abu Dhabi7302902-673573502-6735736

Abu Muqbal Carpentry and Decor

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Zayed 2nd St, Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi4573102-6727759

Abu Rafeeq Manual Carpentry Shop

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Dairatul Mea, Behind Choitram Supermarket, Abu Dhabi7298402-6665049

Abu Raza Carpentry

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Plot 9, M 9, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi923502-5541071

Abu Sajjad Decor

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Office 8, Mohd Saeed Bldg, Bhnd Police HQ, Airport Rd, Abu Dhabi9631102-4433719, 050-5329016

Adel Carpentry Shop

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Mussafah No. 9, Abu Dhabi918402-554714402-5547418

Al Amarat Carpentry and Decor

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Near Union Natl Bank, Najda St, Abu Dhabi459802-6313714

Al Ashraf Carpentry

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M 14, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi948302-5554962

Al Badar Carpentry

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Plot 8, Near Masafi R/A, M 9, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi4609502-555344202-5541090

Al Bayader Establishment

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Defence Rd, Abu Dhabi5323802-641821102-6418301

Al Habeeb Carpentry

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Bhnd Al Mariah Cinema, Hamdan St, Ziyani Area, Abu Dhabi469802-678592402-6715448

Al Hamad and Decor

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Bhnd Eldorado Cinema, Electra Rd, Abu Dhabi4732802-6780763

Al Ittamad Carpentry and Decor

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M 9, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi949102-5540238

Al Jawad Carpentry

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M 9, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi895302-5554616

Al Katheb Carpentry & Aluminium Works

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Abu Dhabi3491202-551674602-5516745

Al Khazna Carpentry

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Plot 118, M 9, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi929702-555340302-5559145

About Carpenters and Joiners

Carpenters and joiners in Abu Dhabi are in high demand as they are needed in several construction projects, which are prevalent in this area. Carpenters are those who generally work onsite, constructing building elements. They work on structures such as wooden windows and stairs. In contrast, joiners usually work in a workshop and specialise in cutting wood as well as fitting in joints in wood without using nails, screws or other materials. Many construction firms employ both carpenters and joiners, which maximises service for the customers. Carpenters and joiners complement each other and have the capability to win large scale contracts for construction projects.

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