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Real Estate in Abu Dhabi

Hamoor Al Sahraa Real Estates

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Off M1, M10 Khalifa Shabiya, Mussafa, Abu Dhabi520302-553407702-5534078

Categories: Real Estate

Aabar Properties LLC

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Abu Dhabi3762402-222223302-2222333

Categories: Real Estate

Abeer Al Gharb Real Estate & Gen Maint LLC

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Abu Dhabi4853702-673536302-6735343

Categories: Real Estate

Ahmed Bin Baqer Property Company WLL

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Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi5281602-676268502-6762680

Categories: Real Estate

Al Amwaj Property Establishment

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G Flr, Airlines Rest Bldg, Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi362002-633163402-6326835

Categories: Real Estate

Al Awael International Real Estate

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Office M2, Doha Bank Bldg, Nadja St, Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi3240002-672211202-6722276

Categories: Real Estate

Al Awir Development and Cont

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Near Choitram, Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi3206402-666882602-6668856

Categories: Construction Companies | Real Estate

Al Baz Real Estate Establishment

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1801, Cash Club Bldg, Khalifa St, Abu Dhabi4404702-626170002-6260981

Categories: Real Estate

Al Benaa Royal Study

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Electa Str, Golden Tower Bldg, Abu Dhabi10778102-672228502-6722283

Categories: Real Estate

Al Dana Real Estate And Maintenance

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101, Al Otaiba Bldg, Opp To Navy Gate, Salam Str, Abu Dhabi4360202-645829902-6445970

Categories: Contractors General | Oilfield Contractors and Services | Real Estate

Al Fahad Group of Establishment

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Al Fahad Tower, Airport Rd, Abu Dhabi86602-446470002-4462500

Categories: Contractors General | Real Estate

Al Ghanem Real Estates

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Near KFC, Airport Rd, Abu Dhabi54002-632343402-6340408

Categories: Property Management and Developers | Real Estate

Al Jar Properties LLC

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F 34, ICAD 1, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi7383902-550227102-5502274

Categories: Real Estate

Al Jazeera Deer for Estates

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Near Zayed University, Al Muroor St, Abu Dhabi7010102-445715702-4457822

Categories: Real Estate

Al Kaff Group

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Mussafah, Abu Dhabi4356502-554012102-5540126

Categories: Real Estate

Al Kanz Real Estate

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Abu Dhabi10682802-642080402-6420805

Categories: Real Estate

Al Mabrukah General Maint Establishment

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Al Mabrookah Bldg, Airport Rd, Abu Dhabi56402-445619302-4456225

Categories: Maintenance Services | Real Estate

Al Madina Real Estate

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102, Baskin Robbins Bldg, Near Smokers Centre, Nad Al Siyahi, TCA, Abu Dhabi42602-677068602-6771908

Categories: Real Estate

Al Matla Real Estate and Building Maint

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Bhnd Sheraton Hotel, Sh Zayed 1st St, Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi11276102-666763102-6667634

Categories: Real Estate

Al Murqab Real Estate Management LLC

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Saeed Khalifa Al Musafri Bldg, Opp Dar Al Shifa Hospital, Defence Rd, Abu Dhabi3741102-642414402-6422441

Categories: Real Estate | Real Estate Management

About Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate refers to all kinds of property or land owned by an individual, family or a corporate. The property includes the immovable assets like buildings that come with it, as well as all the resources that come with the land. These resources include assets and natural resources like water, minerals and crops. Real Estate as a commercial service includes the transfer of ownership or usage right of the property. Ownership and usage rights are transferred through the sale, renting and lease of land, buildings and other property. Though real estate applies to a broad scope of property, operations and services, it deals with three primary aspects. These aspects include the many uses of land and property, the most basic being commercial, residential and industrial.

The residential side of real estate focuses on beach houses, villas, studio apartments and other properties designed for people to live in. The commercial side deals typically with commercial property like office spaces, office clubs, warehouses, etc. A Real Estate Agent offers his expertise and skills on behalf of a buyer or seller in a transaction that involves the transfer of ownership or right to use of a property. These services help workers find accommodation, sellers meet genuine buyers and corporates find the right office space. These agents have good negotiation skills, deep market knowledge and the ability to evaluate the worth of a property.

Land and property is constantly being valued, revalued, transferred and rented, based on many key factors. A few of these factors include location, proximity to the city and amenities, resources and the type of structure built on the land. Most real estate in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE are locally owned and are leased, rented and sold to workers, businessmen and corporates on agreed terms. Madinat Zayed and the tourist Club Area are a few popular locations of renowned businesses, prominent in the market for real estate in Abu Dhabi.

Featured Companies
  • Dana Group of Companies

    Dana Group of Companies

    DANA Group of Companies (Est 1991) comprises 7 companies manufacturing value added products in Steel (roof cladding, profile sheets, insulated sandwich panels, cold storages), Water Solutions (Heaters, Coolers & Chillers) & Oil (Engine oil, Lubricants & Greases)
    Tel:04-2217273, Fax:04-2215940, Mobile:050-7983153
    Email: [email protected]

  • Crystal Petroleum

    Crystal Petroleum

    Manufacturing high quality Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants. Full range of Greases in UAE and Made in Europe.

  • Champions Energy Inc   (ISO 9001)

    Champions Energy Inc     (ISO 9001)

    Call:+97150 5475666, 06-5528113
    E-mail:[email protected]

  • Centre Point Logistics

    Centre Point Logistics

    200,000sqm Logistics Hub in Jebel Ali Free Zone South. Equipped with all type of MHE’s and 24/7 security.
    [email protected]

  • Ghosh Metal Fencing

    Ghosh Metal Fencing

    Ghosh Metal Industries LLC having excellent fabrication facility of temporary construction site hoarding panel fencing where Ghosh Metal got in house production support & import of the required materials of fencing panel like profile corrugated sheet, galvanized c chanel, galvanized steel pipe, hdg clamp with nut and bolt.

  • Team Furniture Industry LLC

    Team Furniture Industry LLC

     Wholesaler of Office Furnitures  Telephone: +971-6-7487767  Email:[email protected]

  • Champions Energy Inc   (ISO 9001)

    Champions Energy Inc     (ISO 9001)

    ISO 9001:2008 Certified, FENCINGS & FENCE SUPPLIERS & CONTRACTORS in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Africa: Corrugated Sheet Hoarding Perimeter Barricade Temporary Fencings, Chain-link Fences, Welded Wire Mesh Heras Type Fence, Gates, Barricades, Crowd Barriers, Stanchions, Bollards
    FABRICATION: Gabions, Structures, HESCO, Hesco, SS Bird / Pigeon Spikes, Bird Control I Sound Proof & Acoustic Contracts, Steel Partitions, Railings, Ladders, PVC Debris Chute, Geo-Textile, Tyre Spikes, Tyre Killer, Armored Gate, Wall& Room, Solar Mounting Frame Structures, Bitumen, Steel Supply & Installation, STEEL FABRICATORS, General Trading Suppliers & Exporters in Dubai, UAE since 2006 ; e-mail [email protected]; Website www.Champions123.com

  • Mahmayi Office Furniture

    Mahmayi Office Furniture

    Buy low priced quality office furniture from wholesaler. Large selection. Call. 04-2212358

  • Ayaxxon Lubricants

    Ayaxxon Lubricants

    Manufacturing High Quality Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants, Gasoline Engine Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Heat Transformer Oil, Hydraulic Oil, ATF, Coolant Oil , Brake Fluid and the full range of greases in UAE.
    Call +97150 6267037, 06-7672446 [email protected]

  • Cochin Steel LLC

    Cochin Steel LLC

    Market leader and pioneer in the manufacture and installation of storage tanks for Diesel, Petrol and Water tankers. Call: +97165432768, Email: [email protected]