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Water Well Drilling And Service in Abu Dhabi

Al Anhar Establishment for Water Well Drilling

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801, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Bldg, Old Airport Rd, Abu Dhabi2824702-446193402-4465539

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About Water Well Drilling and Service

There are many excellent providers of water well drilling and service in Abu Dhabi. Water wells are drilled for various residential and industrial water supply purposes. Top-head rotary style, table rotary and cable tool drilling machines are used for drilling wells. Drilled wells provide water from deep underground natural storages. Compared to drilled wells the dug wells provide shallow water. Various municipality areas have drilled wells with electric pump systems which provide water to a number of households. Water well drilling services is required for construction and agricultural purposes also. The service providers work in both urban and rural areas and on all sorts of soils.

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