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Haj And Umrah Services in Dubai

Bin Seba Haj & Umrah

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Damascus, Qusais 2, Dubai2015104-2639355, 056-710215504-2639366

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Shaaer Hajj, Umra and Tourism

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Sh Rashid Khalifa Al Maktoum building, Beside Labour Office, Deira, Dubai9209104-262684004-2626841

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About Haj and Umrah Services

If you are looking for Haj and Umrah services in Dubai, then you need to plan it well in advance. Due to heavy rush of pilgrims from around the world during the month of Haj, it is often a hectic task to manage everything. However, there are various travel agents, tour and Haj service providers who have been in the business for generations. Therefore you can plan your Haj itinerary in a hassle free manner. Though it is better to go for both Haj and Umrah at the same time, it a personal choice of the pilgrims depending upon their physical and financial conditions.

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