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Storage Tanks in Dubai

Al Malas Contracting LLC

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111, Brashy Bldg, I/Change 3, Sh Zayed Rd, Dubai1921704-339420004-3394201

Categories: Contractors Turnkey Projects | Storage Tanks

ARJ Water Technology LLC

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Ahmed Ramadhan Juma Building,Between 2nd and 3rd Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai257404-338116004-3381170

Categories: Electrical Switchgear | Valves | Water Heaters Suppliers | Pumps | Storage Tanks

Atlas Steel Construction Contractors LLC

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Ras Al Khor, Dubai6354204-272735004-2727360

Categories: Gratings | Steel Fabricators and Engineers | Tank Manufacturers | Storage Tanks

Dumak Industries

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Bhnd Karafi National, Al Quoz Indl Area 4, Dubai3493304-340061104-3400612

Categories: Steel Fabricators and Engineers | Storage Tanks | Trucks and Trailers Body Builders

Hotline Trading LLC

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Opp Mashreq Bank, Damascus St, Al Qusais, Dubai12086604-258211704-2582116

Categories: Compressors | Heating Elements | Heat Exchangers | Heat Pumps | Storage Tanks | Tank Manufacturers | Water Heaters Suppliers

Jasim Mohd Murad Mfg Co LLC

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Ras Al Khor Indl Area, Al Aweer, Dubai5419504-333780504-3337792

Categories: Drum Manufacturers | Storage Tanks | Plastics and Plastic Products Manufacturers

Sentinel Storage LLC

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St 26, Al Quoz, Dubai7564104-340696204-3406972

Categories: Storage Tanks

Technical Parts Company LLC

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Airport Rd, Garhoud, Dubai507104-213784504-2869327

Categories: Storage Tanks | Telex and Telegram Equipment | Welding Equipment and Consumables

About Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks in Dubai

Storage tanks are containers that are manufactured for the storage of liquids and compressed gases that may be organic or non organic in nature. These tanks are designed in different shapes and dimensions based on the liquid that is to be stored in them. Storage tanks are used in many industries including; petrochemical and chemical manufacturing, bulk storage and transfer operations, petroleum producing and refining and other industries that use or producing liquids and vapors.

The Following are the different kinds of storage tanks: Fixed-roof tanks, External floating roof tanks, Internal floating roof tanks, Variable vapor space tanks, external floating roof tanks, Pressure tanks, Horizontal tanks, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tanks. All these kinds of tanks are used to store various liquids.

A fixed roof tank is affordable and easy to construct. It consists of a cylindrical steel shell with a dome shaped roof. The roof is attached to the tank. These tanks are designed for the storage of liquids and vapors. An external floating roof tank consists of a steel tank with an open top. The roof of the tank floats on the liquid that is stored in the tank and the roof rises or falls with the liquid level. Horizontal tanks can be used above the ground and for underground. These tanks are small because when constructed the length of the tank is not greater than six times the diameter which makes the tank sturdier.

A Variable vapor space tank is built with expandable vapor reservoirs and can adjust according to the fluctuation in the vapor volume. A LNG storage tank is constructed is used for the storage of Liquefied natural gas. These tanks are used above-ground and below-ground applications.

Al Sajja industrial main road in Sharjah and Rashidiya in Dubai are some of the most prominent places in UAE where one could avail storage tanks from manufacturers in UAE.

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