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Frozen Foods in Jebel Ali

ASAAT, Al Sharq Al Aqssa Trading Company LLC

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Opp MFL, R/A 6&7, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Jebel Ali1704404-881521104-8815404

Categories: Food Suppliers | Frozen Foods

Freshly Frozen Foods LLC

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JAFZA, Jebel Ali3840404-880272704-8802772

Categories: Frozen Foods

McCain International Inc

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LOB 16, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Jebel Ali1717904-881530904-8816473

Categories: Frozen Foods

About Frozen Foods

Frozen food in Jebel Ali is sold by a number of international and regional manufacturers. Frozen food is popular as it has a long shelf life. Frozen food does not require any preservatives as do not grow when the temperature of the food is below -9.5°C. As a result, the food does not spoil. Frozen foods include a broad range of products such as pre-cooked frozen meals, meat products, steaks, fish, chips, bakery products and desserts, to name a few. The manufacturers of frozen foods should strictly comply with the local rules and regulations, while maintaining proper hygiene within the production facility.

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