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Kitchen Equipment And Supplies in Jebel Ali

Barnsley Universal Inc

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W/House GB 3, R/A 8, Jebel Ali Free Zone Area, Jebel Ali1725104-883330604-8833308

Categories: Kitchen Equipment and Parts | Water Coolers | Time Recorders | Weighing Equipment

Brands: ATCO Scales

Diamonds Steel FZCO

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Bhnd Enoc Station, St 13, Jebel Ali R/A, Jebel Ali1753504-883969704-8839809

Categories: Household and Kitchen Equipment | Kitchen Manufacturers | Kitchen Equipment and Parts | Kitchen Cabinets

Brands: ALBROZ Kitchen Cabinets

Solarco Emirates LLC

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DIP-Elite Compound, Bldg 11, Plot 6, Jebel Ali5114904-885638104-8856382

Categories: Kitchen Equipment and Parts

Teka Middle East FZC

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417, LOB-16, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Jebel Ali1825104-887291204-8872913

Categories: Kitchen Equipment and Parts

About Kitchen Equipment And Supplies

Kitchen Equipment and supplies in UAE

Kitchen equipment is used majorly by the general public, canteens, hospitals, restaurants and hotel chains. Now-a-days fast food trucks have become very popular among people and are high in demand. Most widely used kitchen equipment are sinks, kitchen cabinets, drink dispensers, ice makers, ice cream machines, shawarma machines, food warmers, salad bars, barbeque grill, fryers, dough sheeters, dough divider, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, OTG, refrigerators, coffee machines, food processors, rotisseries, electric cooker, blenders, pots and skillets, stoves and ovens. Kitchen equipment also includes, refrigerators, juice machines, dish washing machines and working tables. A food processor is used to mince food. A rotisserie is used to grill meat of any kind, it’s a machine used mostly in a domestic setup. An electric cooker can be used to boil meat, vegetables and rice. It can also be used to make stews. Pots and pans are used to cook food in the conventional method.

Kitchen Equipment companies specialize in planning quality design, supply, installation and maintenance of industrial kitchen equipment, laundry equipment, cold rooms, bakery equipment, housekeeping equipment and materials, cutlery and crockery, storage shelving unit and hotel interior design. Companies like Technical Supplies and Services and Al Bayan Kitchen Equipment are also providers of bakery equipment and supplies to some of the major bakeries and hotels in Emirates and around. Al Bayan is one of the oldest companies in this business and they shifted their base from Damascus to Sharjah. They supply their equipment to countries like Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and have an experience of more than 20 years.

These companies also come with their technical support for repairs and maintenance of their products and assisting their clients from time to time when needed. In UAE certain regions are well known where one could buy kitchen equipment of any kind; Deira in Dubai and Industrial area 17 in Sharjah are a few of those locations.

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