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Medical Equipment And Supplies in UAE

H W International LLC

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Shop 3, Sheikh Hamdaan Bldg, Al Khabaisi St, Al Ittihad Rd, Deira, Dubai, UAE3356104-268030304-2680304

Categories: Medical Equipment and Supplies

Keywords: Medical Equipment and Supplies | Health Care Products

Brands: NEOMED Health Care Products | TITANIA Health Care Products | MABIS Health Care Products | BEURER Health Care Products

Widex Emirates Hearing Care

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Opposite Holiday Intl, Buhaira Corniche, Sharjah, UAE2640206-544733206-5447335

Categories: Medical Equipment and Supplies | Hearing Aids

Keywords: Hearing Aids | Audiology

Brands: WIDEX Hearing Aids and Systems | WIDEX Hearing Aids and Systems |

3D Dev and Distribution FZCO

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LOB 21, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Jebel Ali, UAE1830704-887305004-8873051

Categories: Medical Equipment and Supplies

A and Z Medical Equipment Trading

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204B, Nasseriya Bldg, Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE4797004-267207204-2676841

Categories: Hospital Equipment, Supplies and Maintenance | Medical Equipment and Supplies

A1 Medical Eqpt & Supplies LLC

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11, Bin Jarsh Bldg, Fish R/A, Deira, Dubai, UAE9372904-229300604-2293009

Categories: Hospital Furniture | Medical Equipment and Supplies

Abone Medical Eqpt & Supplies Trdg LLC

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Fish R/A, Deira, Dubai, UAE9617304-222556204-2225564

Categories: Medical Equipment and Supplies

Abu Dhabi International Medical Services

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903, Al Khor Plaza, Garhoud, Sh Rashid Rd, Dubai, UAE3588004-295485404-2954856

Categories: Medical Equipment and Supplies

Advanced Medical Systems Technology

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Muroor Rd, Abu Dhabi, UAE3052402-448778002-4487050

Categories: Medical Equipment and Supplies

Al Abraj Medical Services LLC

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Dubai, UAE2930404-258284304-2582873

Categories: Medical Equipment and Supplies

Al Anwar Medical Equip Trdg Co LLC

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Naif Rd, Deira, Dubai, UAE381304-294627004-2946271

Categories: Medical Equipment and Supplies

Al Araa General Trading Co

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212, Al Mulla Bldg, Al Muteena Rd, Deira, Dubai, UAE1451804-268121304-2681611

Categories: General Traders | Medical Equipment and Supplies

About Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical Equipment And Supplies

Medical Equipment is used to aid in the treatment, monitoring, and diagnosis of various medical conditions. Medical equipment or armamentarium can be classified based on their uses into diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, bio-medical equipment, durable medical equipment, and therapeutic equipment. Various types of medical standards are manufactured to meet certain quality standards and specifications, to ensure that healthcare service providers have the right tools during medical procedures.

Diagnostic Equipment and tools are used to test, screen and diagnose health conditions and illnesses. A few machines and tools that come under this category are stethoscopes, thermometers, MRI machines, Sphygmomanometers and x-ray machines. Correct diagnosis is key to providing the right treatment or medication and is the primary task of any medical service. Without proper diagnosis, a doctor cannot prescribe any specific treatment or medication. Some other diagnostic equipment includes blood pressure monitors, ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, electrocardiographs, ultrasound machines, PET scanners and CT scanners.

A successful surgery depends on two factors, the doctor’s skills and the accuracy, continuity, and quality of the surgical instruments used. Surgical instruments include all instruments and accessories used in surgery. Surgical medical equipment can be classified into cutting instruments like dissecting knives, bone cutters, bone chisels and tenotomy scissors; holding or grasping instruments like dissecting forceps and a surgical pinzette; retractors like nerve hooks, goelet retractors, obstetrical hooks and skin hooks, used to separate the edges of a wound or surgical incision; haemostatic forceps like kelly forceps, Kocher forceps, and mosquito forceps are used to stop the flow of blood during surgery. Apart from these instruments, clamps like towel clamps and towel forceps, and other implants and accessories like surgical needles, dilator, and surgical trays are used in surgeries.

Biomedical equipment is used to test ventilators and during the delivery of anesthesia to check the air pressure and composition, and in testing other medical equipment. Other equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen tents and hospital beds are categorized under durable medical equipment. Therapeutic medical equipment is used in therapy, such as laser therapy equipment, electrotherapy devices, and magneto therapy equipment.

Medical Equipment Suppliers in the UAE deal with regulated imported and locally produced products. The products in the market meet the high quality regulations laid down by the regulatory authorities. These suppliers can be found all over UAE like Oud Metha and Al Khabaisi Street in Dubai and Sheikh Khalifa Street in Ajman.

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