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Bowling Centres And Equipment in Ras Al Khaimah

Brunswick Bowling Centre

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Near Bin Majid Hotel, Dubai-RAK Rd, Ras Al Khaimah45107-235225507-2352223

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About Bowling Centres and Equipment

Bowling centres and equipment in Ras Al Khaimah are witnessing an increase in demand as a result of bowling evolving as a popular source of entertainment. The bowling centres are located at strategic locations, which are best suited to draw crowds. While some of them are standalone, other centres are located in shopping malls or other venues. The centres have special lighting effects and play good music in order to create a good ambience. Bowling equipment is provided by several manufacturers. It can be categorised into the following groups: masking units, lanes, parts, house balls, shoes, pin, lane maintenance, ticket depot, and furniture.

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