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General Doctors in Sharjah

Al Safeer Medical Centre

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Opp Igloo Ice Cream Co, Indl Area 2, Sharjah280606-543289806-5432897

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Mampilly Clinic

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302 & 304, UAE Exchange Centre Bldg, Rolla, Sharjah2851006-561646406-5616236

Categories: Dental Clinics | General Doctors | General Clinics | Ophthalmology Clinics

About General Doctors

General doctors in Sharjah are the first point of reference in case you have some health issues. A general doctor is usually a family practice doctor. They are qualified to treat most medical problems and if a specialist is required for treatment they are the ones to refer you to one. General doctors mostly practice in clinics, offices or large hospitals. Sometimes they may even work in laboratories. The working environment for general doctors can be relaxed or stressful depending on the environment they work in. General doctors who work from hospitals will be required to maintain a faster pace, compared to the ones who practice out of their own clinic.

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