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Kindergarten And Primary Schools in Sharjah

Happy Home English School and Nursery

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Opp New Gold Center, Al Ghubaiba, Sharjah4687706-566190306-5660807

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Sharjah American International School

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Near Sharjah Driving Institute, Al Wasit District, Sharjah520106-538000006-5380099

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About Kindergarten and Primary Schools

Kindergarten and primary schools in Sharjah are given utmost importance. Education is very important and at various primary schools in Sharjah, the focus is to impart knowledge in fun methods. Helping children grow up in a more morally correct method and having good understanding of the world. Safety and hygiene are also the factors that are taken very seriously by all schools. For parents, apart from education – safety and hygiene are two very crucial factors that they look for in any primary school or kindergarten school.

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