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Oilfield Equipment in Sharjah

Cochin Steel LLC

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In Addition to being one of the most reputed diesel, petrol and water storage tank manufacturing companies, we also specialize in the design and production of transportation solutions. We offer a collection of specialty services like arc welding, plate rolling, lathe and moulding works, oxy fuel cutting, and other machine shop works. Our custom transportation solutions entails design and fabrication of products like horse trailers, storage tankers, silos, dish ends, curtain trailers, and so on. We are pioneers in the fabrication industry, based in the UAE, extending our expertise to provide our clients with top-notch products and services.

Berg Engineering Co LLC

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We are one of the most prestigious steel fabrication companies in the UAE and the Middle East, with an extensive track record of satisfied customers that stand as a testament to our success. We undertake all kinds of engineering, procurement and construction contracting services with an assortment of services that cater to numerous industries. Our range of products and services include precision engineering, design and supply of storage tanks, generator equipment, fuel oil systems, structural steel and stainless steel, vessel dish ends, generator equipment and various sensors & equipment. With over three decades of experience, our services are constantly improving and our contribution to the fabrication industry is constantly growing. We constantly strive to do so to provide our clients with nothing short of the best.

Bestway Oilfields FZCO

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We are global experts on structural steel materials and piping, offering comprehensive and highly-specialized services to customers across the globe. Our success is based on our services to the petrochemical, power, drilling and marine industries. We are stockists and suppliers of a wide range of steel, carbon, and alloy steel pipes, valves, pipe fittings, gaskets, flanges, fasteners and wire mesh. With our head of operation in Sharjah, and branches across the Middle East, in Dubai, and Daman in Saudi Arabia, our services extend to clients both within and outside of the UAE. Our products are suitable for various industrial applications, however, mainly cater to industry-specific applications of the oil & gas industry.

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2, Opp SHJ College, Al Khan, Sharjah3717804-880677504-8806703

Categories: Flanges | Oilfield Supplies | Pipes and Pipe Fittings | Oilfield Equipment

Keywords: Oilfield Supplies | Oilfield Equipment | Valves | Pipe Fittings | Flanges | Pipe Supplier | Pipes |

Alnasr Technical Trading Agencies

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Established in 1984 in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, we have contributed a lot towards the development of the Construction, Oil & Gas, and Maritime Industries in the UAE. Being a reliable and trustworthy trading agency, we have a large customer-base, that is constantly growing along with our knowledge and expertise. We provide various products and services from our head office in Abu Dhabi, and our branch in Sharjah, which includes all types of chains, slings, high-tensile wire ropes, lifting equipment, and several other types of oilfield equipment. The products supplied by are manufactured by some of the most renown names in the industry, with products that meet high quality standards.

Al Ikhtayar Al Awal Trading

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Near Bin Ladin Signal, Indl Area 11, Sharjah3175206-5650946, 052-906866706-5650916

Categories: Hose Couplings and Fittings | Hydraulic Equipment, Tools and Supplies | Oilfield Equipment | Valves | Couplings

Keywords: Hydraulic Hoses And Fittings

Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services

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Q3-072, SAIF Zone, Sharjah12137806-557828306-5578284

Categories: Oilfield Equipment

Al Khail Al Arabi Ind Equip And Spare Parts

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Yarmook, Sharjah2608006-5668030, 055486657006-5668030

Categories: Instrumentation | Oilfield Equipment

Al Sham Diesel Meter & Pumps Trd Co

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Bhnd Sharjah City Centre, Indl Area 1, Sharjah6287506-539597506-5395976

Categories: Flow Meters | Oilfield Contractors and Services | Oilfield Equipment | Pumps | Oilfield Supplies

Al Zafaran Oilfield Machines & Equipment Trading

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Sharjah, Sharjah9733806-548510206-5485112

Categories: Oilfield Equipment

Alliance Industrial and Trading Company LLC

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Indl Area 11, Sharjah583906-534553306-5346155

Categories: Oilfield Equipment

Amal Gulf Company Limited

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East Printing Press Bldg, Near ADCB, Mina St, Sharjah140606-562664406-5616335

Categories: Hydraulic Equipment, Tools and Supplies | Oilfield Equipment | Valves

Arabian Falcon Oilfield Equipment Trdg

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Near Caterpillar R/A, Indl Area 3, Sharjah6788706-542171706-5424171

Categories: Flow Meters | Oilfield Equipment | Oilfield Contractors and Services | Oilfield Supplies | Pumps

About Oilfield Equipment

Sharjah hosts a number of top notch oilfield companies in her domain. One such company is “Top Oilfield”, a company that offers a variety of specialized in-house services that extend its value for money. There is a wide array of clients for such companies, which include petrochemical industries, marine and shipping businesses and oil refineries. The particular needs of the clients are kept in mind when the companies manufacture or mass produce products or safety equipment and gears. Oilfield equipment that is used on a daily basis is equipment like oil rigs. These rigs are used to extract oil from the wells that are present at the oilfield. The oil rigs are either fixed on an artificial island or they float on water. Storage tanks are also one of the oilfield equipment that is used for storing the oil or compressed gas for long term or short term storage. Some storage tanks require having a floating roof, for the avoidance of contamination. Compressors are equipment that is used for transportation of oil by way of pipes. Oilfield gears are likewise used to help oilfield drillers and to keep them safe. These types of gear help the drillers who need to stay at the site for long amounts of time. Oil field gears like compressors, Forklifts rentals, parts and administrations, access stages are utilized by the drillers and designers on the seaward site. Capacity tanks, weight vessels, demineralization are a portion of the oilfield gears which are utilized generally. UAE is one of the biggest makers of unrefined petroleum. Raw petroleum and petroleum are separated from the various wells that are available in the oilfield. Oilfield gears are utilized broadly to drill and explore. Certain oil field gears are likewise used as storage tanks for putting away the unrefined petroleum that has been removed.

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