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Oilfield Equipment in Sharjah

Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services

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Q3-072, SAIF Zone, Sharjah12137806-557828306-5578284

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Al Khail Al Arabi Ind Equip And Spare Parts

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Yarmook, Sharjah2608006-5668030, 055486657006-5668030

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Alliance Industrial and Trading Company LLC

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Indl Area 11, Sharjah583906-534553306-5346155

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Amal Gulf Company Limited

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East Printing Press Bldg, Near ADCB, Mina St, Sharjah140606-562664406-5616335

Categories: Hydraulic Equipment, Tools and Supplies | Oilfield Equipment | Valves

Brands: VICKERS Hydraulic Equipment

About Oilfield Equipment

Sharjah hosts a number of top notch oilfield companies in her domain. One such company is “Top Oilfield”, a company that offers a variety of specialized in-house services that extend its value for money. There is a wide array of clients for such companies, which include petrochemical industries, marine and shipping businesses and oil refineries. The particular needs of the clients are kept in mind when the companies manufacture or mass produce products or safety equipment and gears. Oilfield equipment that is used on a daily basis is equipment like oil rigs. These rigs are used to extract oil from the wells that are present at the oilfield. The oil rigs are either fixed on an artificial island or they float on water. Storage tanks are also one of the oilfield equipment that is used for storing the oil or compressed gas for long term or short term storage. Some storage tanks require having a floating roof, for the avoidance of contamination. Compressors are equipment that is used for transportation of oil by way of pipes. Oilfield gears are likewise used to help oilfield drillers and to keep them safe. These types of gear help the drillers who need to stay at the site for long amounts of time. Oil field gears like compressors, Forklifts rentals, parts and administrations, access stages are utilized by the drillers and designers on the seaward site. Capacity tanks, weight vessels, demineralization are a portion of the oilfield gears which are utilized generally. UAE is one of the biggest makers of unrefined petroleum. Raw petroleum and petroleum are separated from the various wells that are available in the oilfield. Oilfield gears are utilized broadly to drill and explore. Certain oil field gears are likewise used as storage tanks for putting away the unrefined petroleum that has been removed.

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