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Persian Restaurants in Sharjah

Al Abraj Restaurant

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Bhnd Joy Alukkas, Rolla, Sharjah290706-561533506-5621070

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Shiraz Restaurant

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Opp Concord Cinema, Clock Tower, Sharjah2491806-561758006-5624918

Categories: Persian Restaurants

Shish Kebab Restaurant

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Sahara Centre, Sharjah2727706-531227706-5316801

Categories: Persian Restaurants

About Persian Restaurants

Persian restaurants in Sharjah serve delectable food that satisfies your hunger as well cravings for good food. Persian restaurants serve Iranian foods like kebabs, rotis and rice-based dishes. Try Chillo kebabs, especially the Sultan kebab if you happen to visit one of these restaurants. The biryanis are mouth-watering and sumptuous. You can also try Persian mutton and meat dishes that are wholesome. These restaurants also serve Yemeni and Lebanese cuisine to its customers. Some restaurants also they have private dining areas, where families can enjoy their meals in relaxed atmosphere. Most Persian restaurants offer meat and meat-based dishes, so vegetarians would have limited choice.

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