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Skin Composition Analyzers in UAE

Biolite Skin Clinic

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3009, Block C, Al Razi Bldg, Dubai Health Care City, Dubai, UAE50502704-375212204-4298248

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Specialized Beauty Establishment

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602, Omeir Holidays Bldg, Khalifa St, Opp Liwa St, Abu Dhabi, UAE4842702-627592602-6267370

Categories: Permanent Hair Removal Equipment | Skin Composition Analyzers

About Skin Composition Analyzers

Skin Composition Analysers in UAE refer to the production of analysers that are used in the analysis of one’s skin. It is used in the research for beauty products such as skin creams, lotions, etc. and at times in drug research as well. It is mostly needed to analyse the moisture content in the skin as such taking measurements of the presence, location as well as abundance of moisture is what a skin composition analyser does. At times it has also been used to measure the presence of other components of the skin as well. Most skin composition analysers work on the optimized Raman spectroscopy concept.

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