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Swimming Pool Equipment in UAE

Aqua Middle East Swimming Pools

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M 10, Shabiya, Nr Emirates Future Intl Academy, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE13322002-559823302-5598234

Categories: Swimming Pool Equipment

Arabian Pools

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27, Near Dragon Fly Mall, M-45, Abu Dhabi, UAE10524802-5571631, 056-257568502-5571349

Categories: Landscaping | Swimming Pool Installation and Maintenance | Swimming Pool Coping Stones | Swimming Pool Equipment

Atlantic Pools n Fountains LLC

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Al Quoz Indl Area 4, Dubai, UAE12664904-340778704-3407937

Categories: Swimming Pool Equipment

Belhasa Projects LLC

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Ali & Sons Bldg, Electra St, Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi, UAE4716202-677077502-6782795

Categories: Grouting Contractors | Swimming Pool Installation and Maintenance | Swimming Pool Equipment

Bin Moosa and Daly Limited

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Near Daqwa Mosque, Sanaiya, Al Ain, UAE175203-721216103-7213157

Categories: Pumps | Swimming Pool Equipment

Blue Lagoon Swimming Pools LLC

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Bhnd Gibca Bldg, Al Khan R/A, Indl Area 1, Sharjah, UAE11309906-533653806-5336539

Categories: Swimming Pool Equipment

About Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming pool equipment such as pumps and filters, pool vacuums, swimming pool chemicals, alarms, and brushes are essential to maintain the cleanliness of the pool and to protect the swimmers from health hazards that might occur when the swimming pool is poorly maintained. Swimming pool pumps circulate the water in the pool and the filter traps impurities. Swimming pool filters are of three types such as sand filters, cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth (DE). The filters would keep contaminants out the pool.

Swimming pool chemicals are vital to keep the water free from bacteria that cause skin and eye irritations and also cause damage to the pool. Some of these chemicals are chlorine, chlorine balancing agents, alkaline and calcium balancing agents. Pool vacuums are available in different shapes and sizes. There are automated pool vacuums that clean the pool after learning the shape of the pool and there are also manually operated pool vacuums. A swimming pool alarm is a necessity if you have kids. The alarm is set to go off if anything below a certain height enters the pool.

Drowning detection systems: a drowning detection system is a computer aided system that detects a motionless swimmer below the water with 10 to 15 seconds. This is a safety device that helps lifeguards identify and rescue a person who is drowning. Some of the most popular locations to get in touch with manufacturers and suppliers of swimming pool equipment in UAE are Hamriya free zone and SAIF zone in Sharjah and Hor Al Anz and Al Quoz in Dubai.

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