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Business Details

Business Description: 

Bin Sidra, considered leaders in the centralized gas system business in the region, since its foundation in the year 1988. The highly experienced and competent team managing the group offers the best quality of final products supported by a very dynamic customer service and quality control system.

The Group specializes in central gas systems and distribution of gas to domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

Bin Sidra was established in 1988 and after 27 years have became the most developed organization in its sector in the United Arab Emirates.

Bin Sidra activities:
* L.P. Gas Installations.
* Natural Gas Stations and Network.
* Synthetic Natural Gas Systems.
* L.P. Gas Bulk Supply.
* Propane Bulk Supply.
* Medical and Lab. Gas Installations.
* Operation and Maintenance of all type of Gas Systems.
* Oil field and Gas field Supply and Services.
* Consultant in L. P. Gas and Natural Gas Projects.
* Trades in Equipment for L.P. Gas, Natural Gas and Medical & Lab. Gas.
* Installation and Maintenance of Gas Detection and Monitoring systems.

The expertise and competence of Bin Sidra Management is proven by its growth and business development over the years.