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Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT) are suppliers and distributors of Specialized Construction Chemicals in United Arab Emirates. ACT provides a range of products that are suitable for use at any stage of new construction. In addition, products and services are available for the maintenance and repair of existing buildings.


* Bonding Agent & Plasticiser for Mortars.
* Bitumen Cold/ Hot Waterproof Coating.
* Cementitious Repair Mortars & Grouts.
* Carbon Fibre Laminates & Textiles (Belgium).
* Tile Adhesive & Tile Grout.
* Chemical Anchors (Germany).
* Cementitious & Acrylic Waterproof Coating.
* PVC Waterstops & Swell Bars.
* Fire Resistant Products (UK).
* Joint Sealants & Polyurethane Foam (France).
* Rust Remover for Steel Reinforcement ( USA)
* Injection Resins, Pumps & Packers (Germany).
* Multi Injectable Hose (Switzerland).
* Bituminous Water Proofing Membrane (Saudi Arabia).
* Shuttering Oil, Curing Compounds
* Flexible Jointing System (U.K).
* Styro Foam Thermal Insulation (Saudi Arabia).

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8:00 am - 5:30 pm