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Atlas Metal Industries LLC is one the leading manufacturers of Truck Bodies, Refrigerated Bodies, Shelters, Semi Trailers, Towing Trailers, Tankers, Silos, Vehicle Customization, Custom Build Containers and Custom Build Semi Trailers & Structural steel fabrication works. Atlas is specialized to meet all types of vehicle construction requirements of the client, in a short period of time and in the perfect manner. Our factory is capable to manufacture the trailers as per the customer requirements, specifications and international Trailers standards. Atlas is specialized in supplying the products at quick notice from client. ATLAS is able to meet all the requirements of clients in short period of time with very quick action.

Products: Truck Bodies, Dry Shelter Bodies, Refrigerated Bodies, Airconditioning Sandwich panel, Insulated Shelter, Chiller Shelter, Freezer Shelter, Recovery Bodies with hydraulic System, Recovery, Pull down recovery, Fuel Tankers with dispenser, Flat bed bodies, Beverage Bottle Carrier, Curtainside Bodies, Cargo Body, Horse Carrier, Tipper Body(2cbm – 18cbm), Cement Mixer, Vacuum Tank, Water Tank, Semi Trailers, Flatbed Trailer, Low bed Trailer, Tipper Trailer, Reefer Trailer with Air suspension, Tanker Trailer, Curtain side Trailer, Skeleton Trailer, Cement Bulker, Vacuum Tanker, Car Carrier Trailer, A Frame Trailer, Rock tipper, Dry Shelter Semi Trailer, Water Tanker Trailer, Acid Tanker Trailer, Port Trailer and Bitumen Tanker trailer

Truck Bodies:The body of a truck is a key factor in ensuring that it is right for its intended use and performs its required tasks with maximun fuel efficiency. When selecting the body for your vehicle, make sure the body is no higher than it needs to be.

Semi Trailers:Semi trailer is an articulated vehicle consisting of a towing engine and a semi-trailer that carries the freight. A semi-trailer does not trail completely behind the towing vehicle, but is attached at a point that is just forward of the rear-most axle of the towing unit, So that some fraction of the weight of the trailer is carried by the prime mover, with most of that at the rear axle (s) of the prime mover, but a small amount at the front axle (s).

Storage Solutions:We are specialized in all kind of storage solutions meeting international standards. Atlas team can design & manufacture various types of storage solutions with the aid of international codes & standards. They are Fuel Storage Tank, Underground Tank, Aboveground tank, Water storage tanks, Acid storage Tanks, Bitumen Storage Tanks, Storage silos, Drilling mud storage tanks and Towing Trailers

We are one of the leading towing trailer manufacturer in Middle East from the payload 500kg to 20 ton standards. We manufacture quality towing trailers at competitive price and good enough to modify designs and produce special trailers based on standard models, characteristics, Genset Trailers, Industrial - 20 Ton - Towing Trailer, Cargo Towing Trailer, Custom Build Trailers (1 Ton - 20 Ton), Utility Trailer , Scaffolding Transportation Trailer , Dolly Trailer , Luggage carrying trolleys , Towing trailer shelters , Fuel tank/Water tank on towing trailer and Vehicle Customization

We are specialised in vehicle customisation, cater for all makes and models of vehicle. Combining quality craftsmanship, unique design features, innovative construction techniques, Atlas team can customize the vehicle as per your requirement

Mobile Office, Mobile Workshop, Mobile Home, Mobile Kitchen Portal, Cabin Trailer, Custom Fabrication Works

Atlas metal Industries deals with all kind of steel fabrication works to meet customized needs of client such as Staircases,Skids,Support Steel Structures & Steel Frames