Metachem Chemical Trading LLC

Off 2, Salim Ali Rashid Bldg, Doha Str No 43, New Indl AreaAjman3741

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Business Description: 

Metachem Chemicals was established in 1995 with an aim to cater to the electroplating world and metal finishing industries in Northern Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, GCC countries and Africa. We are one of the oldest trading houses as well as the oldest service provider to the metal finishing, decoration and oil industries.
Our wide range of quality and reliable products have their origins from USA, India, Europe, Taiwan, Korea and China.
We are the whole and soul dealers of GRAUER & WEIL (India) Limited in the UAE and Northern Emirates.

Our vision
To become the leading distributor for the plating industries in the GCC region and to develop new products for future industries with minimal carbon footprint.
To grow more each year, with more diversification of various product lines.

Our mission
To give our customers the international standard of the services provided and the satisfaction of using a internationally acclaimed brand for their products.
To ensure the quality and the standards of our customers and to maintain those parameters at all times.
To give our customers the personal touch so they could increase the productivity and sustainability.

Cleaners, Electroplating, Acids, Organic and Inorganic Strippers, Basic Chemicals, Electroplating Equipments, Polishing Wheels and Equipments, Metal Ingots and Anodes, Metal Salts, Lab Chemicals and Equipments, Industrial Lubricants
Trading of Growel Chemicals, Testing and Analysis of Plating Baths and Neutralization, Commissioning of Electroplating Plants, Traders of Buffing Wheels and Soaps, Decoration and Jewelry Industries, Marine Industries for Hard Chrome and Phosphating, Aluminium Industries (Anodizing), Lubrication and Industrial Oil, Marine Industries for Hard Chrome and Phosphating
Open Hours: 
Saturday to Thursday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Friday Closed