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FRESE - Air Conditioning Equipment and Systems

Valves & Controls for HVAC application

DN10-DN32: Frese OPTIMA Compact

Designed to combine automatic balancing and full modulating control regardless of the preset flow. The innovative design of Frese OPTIMA Compact introduces an intelligent control valve that adjusts automatically to the preset flow in order to provide full modulating control. When the installer presets the valve according to the maximum designed flow, the stroke of the control valve remains the same thus providing 100% modulating control.
DN40-DN50: Frese OPTIMA Compact

Frese OPTIMA Compact pressure independent control valve (PICV) is used in heating and cooling systems with Fan Coil Units, Chilled Beams or other terminal unit applications. Frese OPTIMA Compact provides modulating control with full authority regardless of any fluctuations in the differential pressure of the system. It combines an externally adjustable automatic balancing valve, a differential pressure control valve and a full authority modulating control valve. 100% control of the water flow in the building is achieved easily, while creating high comfort and energy savings at the same time.
DN50-DN300: Frese OPTIMA Compact

With the highest performance and best energy efficiency Frese OPTIMA Compact is setting new control standards in heating and cooling systems. Frese OPTIMA Compact makes it simple to achieve 100% control of the water flow in the building, while creating high comfort and energy savings at the same time. No balancing is required if further stages are added to the system, nor if the dimensioned capacity is changed.
DN15-DN25: Frese MODULA Pro

Bypass Unit with 3 Isolating Valves: Frese MODULA PRO is a compact and versatile valve system that combines the Frese range of dynamic flow, pressure and temperature control valves with isolation, flushing, draining and measurement components within a prefabricated, tested and ready to install terminal bypass unit.
DN15-DN50: Frese PV Compact

Save pump energy and ensure trouble free commissioning of the system with the Frese PV Compact Valve. The Frese PV Compact Valve ensures a constant differential pressure across the load or circuit and subsequently, very accurate control valve regulation.Due to the compact design of the valve it is easily installed in both domestic and commercial heating and cooling systems.
DN50-DN800: Frese ALPHA Wafer

Flanged ductile iron: The ALPHA valve is particularly designed and manufactured for the automatic balancing of both cooling and heating circuits. With the ALPHA cartridge as an integral part of the valve, the flow is limited at the specified even under fluctuating pressure conditions. This Frese ALPHA wafer-type valve can contain, depending on the size and the design flow, up to 85 Frese ALPHA cartridges.
Frese ALPHA Cartridges

Dynamic regulation in cooling and heating units: The Frese ALPHA Cartridges are particularly designed and manufactured for the automatic balancing of heating and cooling circuits. They are integral part of the Frese Dynamic Balancing Valves keeping the flow constant at the specified level even under fluctuating pressure conditions.
Frese CriCon

Stainless steel thermostatic valve for domestic water: FreseCirCon is a control valve in stainless steel AISI 316 designed for domestic hot water installations with circulation.The valve automatically control the temperature of the water that circulates through the valves. Thus the thermal balance is ensured throughout the domestic hot water system.