Milwaukee Tools

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Tools like corded or cordless power tools are a gear that every household will require to fix a mirror, assemble furniture and even do simple power drilling works. A corded power drill is much helpful for drilling and driving. We can use them to drill in various materials like wood, stone, metal, steel etc. Operating a power drill is simple. It is accomplished by gently applying pressure over the screw and, later on, by slowly increasing the drill speed to give a firm fix of the screw on the required material. They also supply lawn movers, brushless line trimmers and fuel hedge trimmers. These tools are so powerful that they can cut up to 1cm branches. Milwaukee tools are well-balanced power tools, and he has blade protection guards to prevent accidental damage. These tools come with attachments that help us to perform many actions. Chisels, diamond drilling, drill bits, hole saws, fasteners, cutting & grinding tools, and hand tools like hammers, nail pullers, metal snips, sockets, screwdrivers, etc., are a few heavy-duty tools to name from Milwaukee.

Milwaukee supplies a flexible tool system that helps extend the tunnel bits into various sizes as per the needs. There are up to three extensions possible. They are suitable for rotatory hammers up yo 8Kgs.

SDS-Max arbour with internal thread - length 195mm

Vario extension - 25mm diameter and length 280mm

Tct core cutter - 40-150mm diameter and length 100mm

Drill connect SDS Max - length 190mm

SDS Max extension - length 1100mm

SDS plus SLEDGE pointed Chisel - length 250mm

SDS Max tile Chisel - length 380mm with 50mm blade

SDS Max floor scraping tool - length 635mm with 152mm blade