TELWIN - Welding Machine

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Ground Floor, Al Sorab Commercial Centre, M-14, MussafahADH106
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Industrial Area 2SHJ21060
Brands: ABRA BETA AbrasivesABRA BETA Cutting and Grinding WheelsAEROFORCE Automotive Tools|AEROFORCE Garage ToolsALPEN Drill BitsAUARITA Spray GunsAUTOMASTER Automotive Workshop Tools and AccessoriesBATTIPAV Floor SweepersBATTIPAV Tile Cutting SawsBEARGRIP RivetersBOVENAU Bottle JackBOVENAU Shop CranesBOVENAU Shop PressBOVENAU Trolley JackCROWN Power Tools and AccessoriesCTM Professional High Pressure MasherDIEWE Diamond Cutting Discs and StonesFELISATTI Power Tools and AccessoriesFEMI Drill PressFEMI Mitre SawFEMI Table SawFEMI Workshop EquipmentFIAC Air CompressorsFOX Drill PressFOX Mitre SawFOX Table SawFOX Workshop EquipmentFUJIYAMA Concrete MixerFUJIYAMA Construction EquipmentFUJIYAMA Vibrator ShaftICARO Bar BendersICARO Bar CuttersIORI Chain HoistsIORI Electric WinchIPC High Pressure WashersIPC Vacuum MachinesJOLLY Reinforced HosesKUWES Welding CablesLEO Water PumpsMAX Power Tools and AccessoriesMICHELIN Air CompressorsMICHELIN Vacuum MachinesMIDWEST Aviation SnipsMONTOLIT Tile CuttersMORSE Hole SawsMORSE Saw BladesNORBAR Torque WrenchPIANA Air AccessoriesPIANA FRL FiltersPIANA Pressure RegulatorsPULI Four Posts LiftsPULI Garage EquipmentPULI Two Posts LiftsPULI Tyre ChangersPULI Wheel BalancersPUMA Air ToolsRHOMBUS Caster WheelsSGS AdhesivesSGS DIY ToolsSGS Hand ToolsSGS Power ToolsSIT Cup Wire BrushSIT Hand Wire BrushSIT Industrial BrushesTELWIN Welding MachinesUWELD Welding ToolsVALUEMAX Hand ToolsVIKING Hack Saw BladesVLX Box SpannersVLX Socket SetsVLX WrenchesZENTEN Pipes and Tube CuttersRead More...
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Shop No 7, Belrashid Warehouse, Nad al hamarDXB
Products & Services : Air Compressors
Brands: ABAC Air Compressors & Spare PartsBESTFAB Fireman TrolleysCABLESAFE Safety Hooks|DEWALT Power ToolsFAMECA High Voltage DetectorFLUKE Testing EquipmentFORD Hand ToolsGENIE Genie LiftGRUNDFOS PumpsHIOKI Testing EquipmentHISAKI Construction EquipmentHONDA GeneratorIMER Construction MachineryIPCPORTOTECHNICA Car WashinGMachine & IndustriaLVacuumJUSTRITESAFETY Notrax Industrial & Commercial Matting & Safety CabinatesKARCHER HighpressurewasherLAUNCH Automotive Equipments & LiftsLOCTITE AdhesivesLOTOSAFETY Safety ProductsMAKITA Power ToolsMEGA Garage & Jacking EquipmentMIKASA Construction MachineryMILLER WeldinGMachine & Spare PartsNSA ARC Flash PPE & Electrical Safety ProductsNUMATIC CleaninGMachines & Janitors TrolliesOBERON ARC Flash PPE & Electrical Safety ProductsOLEOMAC GardeninGMachinePRESTAR Lifting & Handling EquipmentRIDGID Piping & Plumbing ToolsRUBI Tile MarbleSAER PumpsSAI-U Safety Storage CabinetsSCHOELLER Spill Control & Spill ContainmentSFESIBILLEFAMECAELECTRIC PPESIBILLE Wall Mounted Rescue KitSITI Gears & MotorsSTANLEY Professional Hand ToolsTELWIN WeldinGMachineTHOMAS Aluminium & Metal WorkinGMachineryTOKU Pneumatic Air ToolsUNICARE Eye / Face Wash & Safety ShowersVITAL Electrical Chain Block & Lever HoistWERNER LaddersWES Singapore Electrical Induction MotorWOLF AtexZAMIL Industrial Ladder & ScaffoldingsRead More...
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Products & Services : UPVC Adhesives
Brands: 317 BallACEVALVE Butterfly ValvesAEROMETAL Paint Spray Guns|AKRO-MILLS Industrial & Commercial ProductsALCON Solenoid ValvesA-LOK(PARKER) Compression FittingsAMETEK Calibration EqptAPOLLO Conbraco Rangeof Valves & ActuatorsAPOLLOVALVES Valves & ActuatorsARLON(PARKER) Hydraulic Filters( Parker)ARTIFEX(PARKER) Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses( Parker)ATLASAUTOMATION(PARKER) Pneumatic Products( Parker)AURA High Precision Gas RegulatorsAUTOCLAVE High Pressure FittingsAUTOCLAVEENGINEERS High Pressure FittingsAUTOCLAVE(PARKER) High Pressure FittingsBALSTON Air/ Gas FiltersBALSTON(PARKER) Air/ Gas Filters( Parker)BECK&CRESPEL StuDBolts & NutsBLAGO Hydraulic Fittings & ValvesBOLATEK Low Pressure S S FittingsBONEZZI Lubricating EqptBONNEYFORGE Forged & Cast Steel ValvesBOSTIK Adhesives & SealantsBRASIMET(SAKAI) Instrumentation S S TubingsBRITOOL Industrial ToolsCENTRAVIS Instrumentation TubingsCIDAT Industrial & Hydraulic Hoses & FittingsCLIMAX(PARKER) Pneumatic Products( Parker)COLSON High Pressure Ball ValvesCONBRACO Flow Control Valves( Apollo)CONCOA(AURA) Precision Gas Control Devices & Systemsfor AnalyticalCONOFLOW(ITT) Pressure RegulatorsCONVUM(PARKER) Pressure Sensors( Parker)COPASLIP High & Low Temperature GreaseCPI(PARKER) Single Ferrule Fittings( Parker)DAYCO(PARKER) Industrial HosesDEFNIK Spray GunsDELCORTE M S Fittings( Forged Steel)DELTINOX Stainless Steel FittingsDENSIONHYDRAULICS Hydraulic PumpsDEVCON Adhesives & EpoxiesDIXON Clamps & CouplingsDOMNICKHUNTER Purification & SeparationELORA German Hand-toolsELTO Battery/ ChargerEMPIRE Measuring Tools & Spirit LevelsEO-ERMETO(PARKER) Hydraulic ValvesERMETO Hydraulic FittingsFAIRPORT Hydraulic BrakersFARR(PARKER) FiltersFINITE(PARKER) Compressed Air/ Gas Filters( Parker)FINN(PARKER) Hydraulic/ Lubrication Oil Filters( Parker)FKB Tube ClampsFRATELLIFORTIS Brass & Bronze Gate/ Globe/ Ball ValvesFREUD Power ToolsFULFLO(PARKER) Process Filters( Parker)GEMELS Hydraulic ValvesGEORGIN Pressure Switches & TransmittersGESIPA Riveting ToolsGLOOR Cutting & Welding EquipmentGOLDRING(PARKER) Solenoid Valves( Parker)GRIFLEX Flexible HosesGUNK Automotive Cleaners & DegreasersHALEHAMILTON Pressure & Flow Control ValvesHECKELSECURITE Safety Shoes & BootsHIP High Pressure TubesHOFLAND Gasket & Sealant TechnologyHOLMATRO Hydraulic Jacks & PumpsHOMAK Tool Cabinets & TrolleysHYDROPRESS High Pressure CleanersIDEAL S S Hose ClipsINTERTEC Instrument Enclosures/ Sun ShadesITR(PARKER) Thermoplastic Hoses & Fittings( Parker)ITT Motion & Flow ControlJDJONES Gland PackingsKANE Gas AnalysersKECKLEY Pipeline Valves & StrainersKINGFISHER Grease NipplesKSTOOLS Hand-toolsKURODA(PARKER) Pneumatic Products( Parker)LEGRIS(PARKER) Pneumatic FittingsLENOX Power Tools & AccessoriesLEO Coveralls & JacketsLUCIFER(PARKER) Solenoid Valves( Parker)LUDECKE ClampsMAGNEHELIC Hydraulic Valves( Parker)MAXAM(PARKER) Pneumatic Products( Parker)MERCOID Pressure SwitchesMIDLAND S S F R Ls & ValvesMIDLAND-ACS S. S. Pneumatic & Hydraulic ComponentsMIDLAND(ROTORKINSTRUMENTATION) S. S. Pneumatic & Hydraulic ComponentsMILTON Automotive Parts-P L E W SMINI-MULE Lifting & Pulling WinchesMOLYKOTE Grease & LubricantsMOLYSLIP Anti Seize CompoundsMPI(PARKER) FittingsNEO-DYN(ITT) PressureNEXUS Hydraulic & Mechanical PullersNUOVAFIMA Pressure & Temperature InstrumentsOMEGA Garage EquipmentORION Lubricating EquipmentPACMAAN Gland PackingsPARFLEX(PARKER) Thermoplastic Hoses & Fittings( Parker)PARKER A-LokPARKER AutomationPARKER Ermeto-Hydraulic Tubes & FittingsPARKER Filtration System SolutionsPARKER Fluid ConnectorsPARKER Hydraulic Pumps & Motors ValvesPARKER HydraulicsPARKER Hydraulics & Fluid ConnectorsPARKER Instrumentation FittingsPARKER Instrumentation Process ControlPARKER Petrotech Enterprises L L CPARKER Racor Fuel Filters and Water SeparatorsPARKERBALSTON Compressed ArPARKERERMETO Valves and Hydraulic FittingsPARKER-FILTERS Air/ Gas Filters-BalstonPARKERFILTRATION Air/ GasPARKERFLUIDCONNECTORS Hydraulic Hoses and FittingsPARKERHANNIFIN Process Instrumentation ControlPARKER-HOSES I T R-Thermoplastic Hoses & FittingsPARKER-HOSES Parflex-Thermoplastic Hoses & FittingsPARKER-HOSES Polyflex-High Pressure Hoses & FittingsPARKER-HYDRAULICS Hydraulic Fittings-ErmetoPARKERINSTRUMENTATION FittingsPARKER-PNEUMATICS Atlas Automation-PneumaticsPARKERPOLYFLEX High Pressure Hoses and FittingsPARKER-RACOR Fuel Filters/ Water SeparatorsPARKER-SOLENOIDVALVES Lucifer-Solenoid ValvesPARKER-SOLENOIDVALVES Scem-Solenoid ValvesPARKERSOLENOIDVALVES Solenoid ValvesPARKER-UCC Fluid Condition MonitorsPARKRIMP(PARKER) Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machines( Parker)PARTEK(PARKER) P F A Valves( Parker)PEGLER Bronze GatePHHYDRAULIK S S Hose FittingsPHOTOHELIC Low Pressure GaugesPILOT Paint Spray GunsPISTER Hydraulic Ball ValvesPLEWS Lubricating EqptPNEUTREND Air/ Pneumatic ToolsPOLYFLEX(PARKER) High Pressure Hoses & FittingsPRADIFA(PARKER) Pneumatics & Hydraulics Seals( Parker)PRESTOLOK(PARKER) Push-type Fittings( Parker)RACOR Fuel Filters/ Water SeparatorsREED Pipe ToolsREPUBLIC(PARKER) Hydraulic Valves( Parker)ROSS(PARKER) Hydraulic Motors( Parker)ROTELMANN Flow Control Valves( Hydraulic)ROTORKMIDLAND S. S. Pneumatic & Hydraulic ComponentsRP&C Forged Steel ValvesRSB Tube Clamps( F K B)SAKAI Instrumentation TubingsSANDVIK Instrumentation & Hydraulic TubingsSCEM(PARKER) Solenoid ValvesSCHRADERBELLOWS(PARKER) F R Ls & Valves( Parker)SEALS&O-RINGS(PARKER) Pneumatic & Hydraulic ApplicationsSEMPRESS(PARKER) Pneumatic ProductsSINCLAIRCOLLINS(PARKER) Solenoid Valves( Parker)SKINNER(PARKER) Solenoid Valves( Parker)SOLDO Limit SwitchesSTRATOFLEX(PARKER) Rubber Instrumentation Hose & T F E High Pressure Hydraulic HosesSYKESPICKAVANT Diagnostic Eqpt & Body ToolsTAIYO Hydraulic CylinderTECLINE Industrial Washing TanksTELEPNEUMATICS(PARKER) Pneumatic Products( Parker)TELWIN Welding MachinesTERRY Hose ClipsTEXLOC Hydraulic & Pneumatic Hose & FittingsTRACTEL Lifting Equipment and Chain HoistsTRANMAX Air Pneumatic ToolsTRIPLE-LOK(PARKER) 37 Degree Flare FittingsTUNGUM Instrumentation Tubings for Corrosion ResistantUCC(PARKER) Fluid Condition MonitorsUEI Measuring and InstrumentsUVIS Instrumentation TubingsVERIFLO(PARKER) High Pressure RegulatorsVOAC(PARKER) Pumps and MotorsWAAREE Pressure and Temperature GaugesWATTSFLUIDAIR(PARKER) Pneumatic ProductsWESTLOCKCONTROLS Limit Switches and PositionersWFI Weldolet SockoletWILKERSON(PARKER) Pneumatic ProductsZANDER(PARKER) Compressed AirRead More...