Ajman in UAE City Guide

Ajman is bounded on three sides by Sharjah with one side facing onto the Arabian Gulf Coast. The tourism industry in Ajman although small, draws tourists to its beautiful coastline each year; the Ajman festival that was introduced attracts a number of visitors from inside and outside the Emirate.

Ajman is the smallest Emirate that opened its real estate market, creating developments that were available to foreign ownership as a part of a recent development boom. The Ajman Free Zone is one initiative to help encourage overseas investment, with the government that is supporting business establishments and investment, the emirate is developing. There has been intense investment and the biggest sector is chemicals. With a number of textile factories - clothing, fabrics and leather establishing in the emirate the textile industry is flourishing.

The wide areas of fertile land are used for fruit and vegetable growing, as well as grazing for livestock making agriculture a major income generator. In conjunction with the Ajman seaport, offering eight wharves. Fishing is also a contributor to the economy.

Ajman has the most beautiful coastline with pristine beaches and most of UAE’s Fauna with rare species of birds and dolphins adorning the beaches .Ajman treasure the religious beauty of emirates with Saudi Ajman Mosque, Masjid Naumia and Sheikh Al Khalifa Mosque. Shopping in the Souks of Ajman for traditional artifacts is an activity to relish one’s indulgence in shopping.