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“CARBONDALE MIDDLE EAST” is a dream foreseen by versatile, enterprising and visionary minds, which was realized in the year of 1991. It was a time when infrastructure and development in the region was just starting and there was pressing requirement for locally supplied infrastructure and engineering solutions to cater to the growing needs of all the Gulf countries.

CME is an idea nurtured and nourished by vision, hard work, vast experience and the dedication of its team. It has evolved into practice dimensions to achieve the highest engineering standards. CME started with a few machines and small workforce. Now we are the market leader in the groundwater control industry in UAE. We are having more than 200 technical staff and operate from our different sites. CME is built on a heritage of delivery excellence, industry knowledge and the expertise of its people .We look forward to receiving your enquiries and assuring you of our best services at all times.

We manufacture and stock a wide range of Dewatering pump spares and fittings including header pipes, T pieces, bend, suction and discharge hoses 6" & 8", well points, flexible hose, connectors and its accessories. Heavy duty Carbondale CDP model provide a range of high and low output pumping system for water. Carbondale pumps are designed with a continuous effort on research and development. The Carbondale pumps have a simple outlook with efficient performance. Carbondale pumps are for those users who require high utilization high return on capital and low running costs. Carbondale pump model enjoys the benefit of the specially designed Volute and Impeller which provide a smooth, high output flow rate and maximum suction and discharge head.

Carbondale Middle East (LLC) is the market leader in the groundwater control industry in UAE. Since 1991, CME has developed construction dewatering techniques utilizing vacuum Well Point's, educator/ejector wells and deep wells catering to numerous construction and remediation projects involving complex site and soil conditions. CME’s expertise is in dewatering low flow soils, including silt and silty fine sands, as well as soil interface conditions. CME has developed unique dewatering system installation techniques catering to difficult and complex geology. CME’s track-mounted drill rigs were designed and built to allow CME to install vacuum Well Point’s and educator/ejector wells in the most difficult conditions. CME also designs and manufactures its own Well Point pumps and educator pumps.

CME evolved into a major supplier and distributor of an extensive range of machinery parts. Its products are widely used in companies involved in construction, oilfield, mining and infrastructure development all over Middle East. Our work force is highly skilled and properly guided by an expert team of engineers backed with management talents.