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Business Description: 

M/s. Faraidooni Trading Co. a limited liability company established in the year 1976 as one stop shop in the field of Bathrooms & related products. With our long tradition of customer service and care, we are committed to bringing a combination of quality style & excellence under one roof. We represent ourselves as an authorized agent/distributors for some of the leading brands around the globe. Having pioneered in accessing the market requirement, we made ourselves a Benchmark in our products we deal, which has been backed by the highest level of customer satisfaction. We hold stocks for most of the above products, which are in the approved list of leading Architects/Consultant in the UAE at large for many years now.


Faraidooni was built on a platform of highest quality standards , aesthetics and with the intent for providing world class products.

1. We are keen on moving along with the times and ensure that our clients are offered sustainable products, featuring water saving devices. Promote water conservation and provide LEED rated sanitary fixtures is the main feature of our trade

2. Delighting the client is the corner stone to long term and successful growth of our business . We work in our clients' interest, consistently. The client-first principle is deeply ingrained in our leaders and driven throughout the company . Every employee is empowered to make decisions in a way that puts the client first . We strive to prove that revenue is the reward for high performance.


Faraidooni has three interconnected guidelines which form the pillar of our success. First employees must be satisfied in their work and be happy at the work place. Secondly the business must be profitable to ensure long term viability . Thirdly , we must earn our customers' trust and loyalty by providing superior customer service and quality products.

Open Hours: 

Saturday to Wednesday : 8.30AM to 1.00PM & 3.30PM to 7.00PM
Thursday                      : 8.30AM to 1.00PM & 3.30PM to 6.00PM