Hanini Technical SPF LLC

WH1, Behind Emarat Gas, Al Ghusais Industrial Area 2Dubai231164

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HANINI TECH SPF LLC. is a reputable name in the field of L.P Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Established in 1989 in Lebanon with branches in Dubai, which now boasts a major account with Government and Private Sectors in highly prestigious projects ranging from development infrastructure, Gas Network, Malls, Hotels, Towers, Royal Palaces and Luxurious Villas all over the U.A.E. Its services include the timely refilling of the L.P Gas for central gas systems with a relevant maintenance services for the LPG, Natural Gas & SNG Gas Systems. All above services are being carried out and supervised by exceptionally qualified and experienced specialist with 24 hours emergency services to our gas systems customers with safety as ultimate goal for the company.

We consider ourselves to be the largest system integrator within the UAE and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver all projects on time within budget and with unrivalled quality, whilst ensuring we operate in a SAFE and environmentally conscious way.

HANINI TECH can offer a complete project management service from conceptual-design to production & delivery not to mention our exceptional "after-sales" service and training. We offer a 24\7 technical helpline and call out facility to our customers.


* Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Central Gas System Installations
* LPG, NG & SNG’s Specialist Products
* Electromechanical Control Systems
* Annual Maintenance Contracts for Central Gas Systems
* Utility Billing System for Gas Usage in Apartments
* Examining & Precise Study of Gas Consumption, Conservation
* Calibration of Gas monitoring Systems
* Coordination for Interlinking Wet Chemical, Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems for Central Gas Installation.