Iqbal Al Khalsan Trading Company LLC

Behind UBL Bank, Murshid Bazaar, DeiraDubai112521

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Over 20 years Eqbal Al Khalsan Trading has been the supplier of building materials and sanitary ware products in UAE. We are the leaders in offering the most detailed plumbing solutions to our client. We stock the complete sanitary and plumbing accessories that are generally required for operation. Manholes made out of Cast Iron (CI), Ductile, fiber are available in all the size apart from the water filters and fittings. Our fittings range from CP, G.I, HP, UPVC, BRASS AND PPR and our Galvanized fittings (GI) are manufactured in the name of lthe leading brand TOPI. The size of which ranges from 1/2 inch to 4 inches. Brass fittings are manufactured in China with the brand name EURO with sizes ranging from 15mm to 32mm. We also offer PPR fittings in two colors: Green and Blue for which the sizes are available from 15mm to 32mm. Our High Pressure ( HP ) and UPVC fittings brands include Faris and Star which are manufactured in the UAE. At Ekt, we have the world’s best Galvanized clips- (GI “U” Clip). We offer Saddle clamps in (light and heavy duty), Plastic clamps and Screw clamps. At Ekt, we understand that it is really important to offer solutions to untimely problems such as leaks and breakages in pipes At Ekt, we understand the importance of providing a wide range of brands, with Euro brand we further are able to meet the demands of our current and potential customers.