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Nautical Ship Brokers For Tanker Chartering

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Business Description: 

We provide Petroleum Traders services for bulk transportation of Crude oil, Petroleum Products e.g. Gasoil, Gasoline, Diesel, D2, Jet fuel, Kerosene, Naphtha, Condensates, Heavy ends, Raffinates, Aromatics, Fuel Oil, VGO, CBFS, Bitumen,  Furnace Oil, White Spirits, Base oils, Vegetable Oils, Petrochemicals, Methanol, Ammonia, LPG,  etc.

 We provide tanker chartering services and cater to:

 • Spot Voyages Consecutive Voyages & Time Charters

• We provide information on Spot Market rates and TC rates

• We cover Cargos & vessels operating across the world

• We market tanker vessels and find suitable cargos for ship owners.

• We perform Fixture Negotiation & Conclusion

• Charter Party Contract Documentation & Administration

• Post fixture support for Charterers and Ship Owners