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Business Details

Business Description: 

The Pendulum was established to provide the best quality materials required by the electrical industry. As power industry is the basic infrastructure of any nation and the power supply system is the basic requirement of any building or industry. We are keen on maintaining the quality of all products supplied across all sectors. We are associated with most of the construction projects in UAE in the past years through the supply of A to Z materials required for electrical works. We have long term relationships with leading vendors in the electrical industry and strive to deliver the materials as per international standards. We are constantly updating the customer requirements through regular interactions and customer surveys.

 Pendulum maintains a stock of around 6000 items for prompt delivery aided through a professionally managed logistic setup. The products are supplied to fulfil the stringent standards required by specific areas and the products delivered for our stock are strictly governed through quality checks as required.

 We have a strong customer base in UAE and are dedicated to extending our support to the customers in times of need. Our product database is constantly updated and all the technological advancements in the electrical industry are properly taken care of in updating the same. Today we are spearheading our presence in the entire GCC and beyond through diversification and opening up of new avenues of development. 

 Vision & Mission

To become a powerful link between world-class manufacturers and end-users of quality products for the electrical industry. We constantly get updated with customer requirements as well as technological advancements and move on with quality, prompt delivery and customer support. Enhancing our customer base and network through improving our service day by day. Expand our relationships with new manufacturers and vendors of international reputation to diverse the product availability to end customers.