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Quality Material Handling Equipment's or QMH , An ISO-9001: 2008 organization managed by Qualified Professionals and Experienced Engineers with expertise in the field of various material handling equipment's. We are expert in design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Service and Maintenance of,

* EOT cranes.
* Manual / Hand operated overhead cranes
* Jib Cranes
* Gantry Cranes
* Underslung Cranes
* Explosion proof cranes
* Material transfer trolleys
* Pig trolleys/Scrapper traps
* Working Platforms /Scissor lifts
* Material lift/Cage lift
* Chain hoists
* Wire rope hoists
* Manual/Portable Gantry cranes
* Racking System / Warehousing Solutions

Products & Information

• Wire Rope Hoist-From 1Ton to 300Ton capacity
• Electric Chain Hoist-From 100Kg to 25Ton capacity
• Manual Chain Hoist-From 50Kg to 10Ton capacity
• Explosion Proof Hoists-From 50kg to 30Ton capacity
• Jib Crane-From 50Kg to 10Ton capacity
• Single Girder EOT Crane-From 100Kg to 35Ton capacity
• Double Girder EOT Crane-From 1Ton to 300Ton capacity
• Gantry Crane-From 1Ton to 150Ton capacity
• Pallet Trucks-From 10kg to 5Ton capacity
• Pig trolleys/Scrapper traps-From 500Kg to 10Ton capacity
• Manual /Portable Gantry Crane-From 100Kg to 5Ton capacity
• Manual / Hand Operated Overhead Cranes-From 100Kg to 5Ton capacity
• Material Lift/ Cage lift-From 100Kg to 5Ton capacity
• Racking System / Warehousing Solutions
• Scissor Lift-From 100Kg to 5Ton capacity
• Transfer Trolley-From 1Ton to 150Ton capacity
• Under Slung Crane-From 100Kg to 15Ton capacity


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