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Technical Support

Zahra's commitment to customer satisfaction has led to the creation of a dedicated support group whose focus is to provide Zahra's clients with post implementation services. Such services include requests for repairs, preventive maintenance, training, system upgrades, software updates and system expansions.

Since 2006 the service unit has become a Business Unit with the Security Division and provides today, services to other clients and systems than those installed by Zahra's professionals.

The team offers thorough support programs, from time and material services to on-site support teams for the most challenging environments. Zahra's Technical support team is centrally located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, facilitating a prompt response. The team offers 24/7 hr support, with 4hr response time.


Zahra excels and is regionally known for the design and implementation of professional surveillance systems.

Zahra's knowledgeable team will provide the best solution for every project, assuring an appropriate and competent system, bearing all the variables (time, cost, infrastructure) in mind, accompanied with complete handover and training.

Over time systems have technically evolved from pure hardware solutions, to hybrid hardware and software solutions, and today is predominantly pure software driven solutions.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has brought numerous successful challenges in networking, operating systems, applications and IT infrastructure.