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Business Details

Business Description: 

Al Dobowi Technical and Engineering division, established in 1995, primarily answers the technical rubber product needs of several industries that includes printing press, manufacturing, logistics, construction, oil and gas, marine, mining, and power plants. Al Dobowi has its own private and registered brand – Infinity – for its technical rubber products, conveyor belt system, and polyurethane products. And for nearly 20 years of experience in rubber and steel technology, Al Dobowi is able to ensure optimum quality and reasonable prices of its products and services.

 Al Dobowi Limited, an ISO 9001 certified company, has a rubber testing laboratory that conducts both physical and chemical property testing of rubber polymers as per the regions’ standard.

Products details :

 Al Dobowi offers comprehensive industrial products ranging from conveyor belts to complete conveyor and screening systems, marine fenders, printing and industrial rollers, rubber and polyurethane products for different applications, screens for industrial screening operations and steel fabrications.

 Categories of technical rubber products includes marine cushioning, building cushioning, rubber and PVC sheet and flooring system, and pipe cushioning system. Each of these categories has different and specific rubber product solutions for various cushioning requirements.

 Our polyurethane products includes general extruded products such as rubber mouldings, bridge bearings, printing rollers, track pads, and HDPE / nylon / PTFE sheets. Al Dobowi technical team provides services of anti-corrosive linings application, fender installation, and building protection system installation.

 Our rubber lining system are abrasion and corrosion resistant and are applied to storage tanks, pipes and fittings, reaction vessels, valves, centrifugal extractors, pumps, and filters. It provides excellent chemical resistance, excellent anti-abrasion property, outstanding bonding strength, high permeation resistance, economic anti-corrosion treatment cost, and allows easy maintenance.

 Our material handling solutions are heavy duty rubber conveyor belts, industrial belt, roller frames, conveyor drums, roller conveyor, pulley lagging, weaving screens, rubber channel, belt fastener, belt bucket, impact saddle, impact bar, skirting, and parasleeves or chutes. Hot and cold belt vulcanization and rubber lagging services are also provided.

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8:30 am - 5:30 pm