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Office 101, Falcon House, Dubai Investments Park 1Jebel Ali49204

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WJ Middle East (WJ-ME) is the leading name in the UAE for water management services including construction dewatering and pump equipment rental services. WJ are the contractor of choice for temporary and permanent dewatering solutions, and turnkey sewage and storm water over pumping services. WJ have experience designing, constructing and operating bypass pumping and plugging systems throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi. WJ operate a fleet of pumps available for hire including chemical pipeline flushing for district cooling.
WJ Groundwater originates from the UK and has been established in the UAE in Dubai and Abu Dhabi since 1999. We differentiate ourselves through our design led approach to provide optimized and reliable pumping solutions to the construction, infrastructure and oil & gas sectors. WJ operate a fleet of drilling rigs and provide water well and cathodic protection borehole drilling services.
WJ have worked on a wide range of basement and infrastructure projects including Basements, Metros, Tunnels, Canals, Shafts, Nuclear Power Stations, desalination plant, and Airports. WJ headquarters are in the UK, and our other offices include Abu Dhabi, Poland, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey. WJ bring local experience with an international level of service.

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