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Ain Khat Metal Coating Products

Near Med Pharma, Industrial Area 13Sharjah79936

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AIN KHAT METAL COATING PRODUCTS provides all type of coatings for IORN MONGERY METAL and WOODEN FURNITURE, provides a wide variety of electroplating for architectural metal, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc.

AIN KHAT METAL COATING PRODUCTS provides full quality specified plating processes and has the capacity of small to heavy production for a variety of finishes.

We can produce coatings on IRONMONGERY, METALS and WOOD in hundreds of different colors and finishes.


ELECTROPLATING: Nickle plating, Tin plating, Copper plating, Gold plating, Silver plating, Zinc plating, Antique, Galvanizing, Zinc black, Brass plating, etc.
PAINTS: Metal furniture, Decorative metals, Wooden furniture, Wooden components, Old furniture restoration, Metal products, etc.
SPECIAL COATINGS: Antique finger marks, Antique fire marks, Fire resistance coatings, Intumescent painting on metals & wood, etc.

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