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Al Mutathawir Insulation Materials Industries LLC  is a leading manufacturer of waterproofing, insulation and allied chemicals. On 2005, Al Mutathawir has joined Al Sindbad group family, which was established in 1990. Al Mutathawir has burgeoned into a successful organization that believes in offering the highest quality products that confirms to ASTM, BS, DIN and European standards which delivers the best possible solutions available to our customers for the most reasonable prices in the market. The factory has integrated, well-equipped research and development laboratories in order to keep innovating and producing high quality, cost effective and future oriented products.

The economical and high quality technical solutions of our products comprehensively fulfill the highest modern engineering requirements with compatible system and components that guarantee long-term durability, safety and outstanding performance. In the last few years, Al Mutathawir has become one of the largest and most comprehensive manufacturers of all types of bitumen emulsified waterproofing products that are friendly to the environment. We export our products to countries all around Asia, Africa and Europe.


* Foam Concrete Liquid
* Primer Emulsion
* Solvent Primer (D-41)
* Advabrush/Novabrush Two Part Cementations Waterproofing
* Protection Board Bituminous & PP
* Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion
* Advatex 2000, Rubberized for wet area
* Heat Insulation Coating
* Acrylic Waterproofing Liquids & Sealant
* Polyurethane Coating & Sealant

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8:00 am - 4:00 pm