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Al Shrouq Electrical Co LLC

608, Mubarak Centre, Opp Hamra Cinema, Al Arooba St, Al Nabaa Area, RollaSharjah2141

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AL SHROUQ Electrical Company launched into commercial operation in 1985 in the Emirates of Sharjah having its branches in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Today AL SHROUQ is, undoubtedly, one of the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates for the supply of Street Lighting & Outdoor Lighting Materials.

We are the sole agent and distributors for leading manufacturers of Poles, High Masts, Mid-Hinged Poles, Traffic Signal Poles, Street Lighting Luminaries, LED Lighting, Flood Lights, Tunnel Lights, Decorative Poles, Luminaries, Fuse, Cutout, etc. from Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, India, Poland and China.

Implementing the finest management, the company is confident of reaching greater heights in its quest for excellence.

Al Shrouq has always been quick to respond to the needs and requirements of the region and as a result the company has grown tremendously over the decades and has consolidated its position as premier supplier of street lighting products.


Poles & High Masts: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Poles for any height, High Mast with Raising & Lowering Mechanism upto 50mtr. Height or above, Mid Hinged Poles & Masts, Camera Poles, Multifunctional Poles, Base Hinged Poles with Hydraulic System, Fully customized Decorative Poles.
Luminaire: Conventional Street HPSV/MH Luminaires & Flood Lights 70-2000w, LED Luminaires for Street Lighting, Decorative Luminaires, Garden Lights, Bollard Lights, Fancy Outdoor Lights.
Accessories: Anchor Bolts for the Poles & Masts, Cutout Boxes for Street Lighting Poles, Decorative Aluminium Claddings, Base Plate Covers & Lamps.