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New Vision Metal Construction Industry LLC

Near Sharjah Cement Factory, Sajja Indl AreaSharjah95513
Products & Services : Adnoc Tank, Alloy Steel Fabrication, Cement Silos, Diesel Storage Tanks, DNV Containers, Lubrication Plants, Pipeline Fabrication, Pressure Vessel Manufacturers, Sewage Treatment Plants, Stainless Steel Tanks, Steel Fabricators, Storage Tanks, Tank Manufacturers, Thermal Energy Storage Tanks, Water Tanks, Additive Kettle, Aeration Tanks, Agitators, Alloy Steel Pressure Vessels, Aviation Fuel Storage Tanks, Base Oil Tanks, Blending Kettle, Blending Kettle with Heating Coils, Bolted Tanks, Bunded Tanks, Carbon Steel Fabrication, Carbon Steel Pressure Vessels, Caustic Soda Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, Chilled Water Tanks, Chlorine Contact Tanks, CIP Process Tanks, Coagulation Tanks, Crude Oil Storage Tanks, Desalination Plants, Diesel Tank, Double Wall Tanks, Field Erected Tanks, Filter Feed Tanks, Fire Water Tanks, Flocculation Tanks, FRAC Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Gas Storage Tanks, Half Height Containers, Handrails, Holding Tanks, Industrial Storage Tanks, Irrigation Water Tanks, Ladders, MBBR Tanks, MSEP FIlters, MSEP TPI Tanks, Multi Media Filters, Nitrification Tanks, Offshore Cargo Container Baskets, Offshore Containers, Oil Skimmer Tanks, Oil Storage Tank with Internal Piping, Oil Storage Tanks, Oil Tanks, Petrol Storage Tanks, Pipe Spools, Piping Fabrication, Process Skids, Reefer Containers, Ro Flushing Tanks, Sand Filters, Sewage Tanks, Silos, SS Pipeline Fabrication, SS Tanks, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels, Steel Structure for Equipment, Steel Structure Watchtower, Structural Platform, Tank Fabrication, Tank Farm, Tank Farm Pipeline, Tank Farm Refurbishment, UL Tanks, Underground Tanks, Vessel Field Erection, Warehouse Construction, Zinc Aluminium Tanks

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