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The only Class A EPS Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

STYRO is the leading CLASS A fire retardant Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) manufacturing Company in UAE & Middle East (MENA). With this outstanding milestone, STYRO is considered to be the paramount choice among thermal insulation solutions companies, dominating 55% of the market share. Our EPS products and services play a vital role in countless construction projects and applications. From concrete mix to concrete curing, STYRO EPS serves as a light weight and resourceful material.

Our EPS sheets (Thermocol sheets), are being used in sound insulation, door insulation, floor thermal insulation, cavity wall insulation and roof insulation. Porta-cabin & prefab panel gap insulation and precast – core thermal isolation are successfully achieved through our EPS products because of their high rigid thermal insulation properties. STYRO EPS is also used for expansion joint filling and for end caps – hollow core application as dummy filling to prevent any intrusion elements during installation.

Our void fillers are ideal for bridges, providing turn-key solutions for an easy and cost effective execution.

Styrofoam cylinders are very useful for piling, guide wall and void formers. It is easy to install and has excellent physical properties, providing a durable solution for construction works with best mechanical results.

STYRO Geofoam; another lightweight EPS filling is an eco-friendly solution for green landscaping, bridge abutments, lightweight roads & road embankments, stadium seating, retaining walls, earth quack/shock absorption & many other geotechnical applications; or even a simple requirement for floor raising.

STYRO Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products can be customized to almost any size or shape required, whether it is a custom made parapet mold, a renovated External Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) (ETICS) using Graypor(Previously Neopor) – (Also known as grey thermocol, gray EPS or grey polystyrene).

Our Packaging & Art Division is limitless, providing high quality loose fill packing chips. Here at STYRO; polystyrene balls, custom shaped 3D figures and numerous art & decoration models are carved to perfection.

In addition to land, STYRO EPS is also water friendly and can perform perfectly for pontoons, buoyancy and for under-water pipe insulation. EPS is waterproof, does not get affected with moisture and ecologically safe; causing absolutely no harm to marine life.

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