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Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of Fibre Glass Products, GRP Tanks and Sectional Tanks. Our well trained technicians with an advanced technology provided our clients with a very high quality product and it is as per British Standard (BS) 4994.

Our main target is to keep our customers always satisfied and to provide them the best possible service. We are fully committed to render to the customers, good value for their money and to appear their needs even at the shortest notice with quality products at their door steps.

Our participation in big sewerage projects is due to technically qualified manpower to the satisfaction of Consultants and Contractors. Years of research and development have resulted in improved quality products. Also our research and development will result in introducing soon several new products in the market. The product is made according to customer’s design specifications.

Our company is also in the field of GRP LINING of superior and long term Performance with high quality durable materials for RCC Tanks, Swimming Pool, Drainage manholes, Pipelines and Mild Steel Tanks.

GRC Ceilings, GRC Dome, Parapet, Cornice and wall Panel, GRC Arch Cladding, GRC Muqarna, Window and Balcony, GRC Planter Pot, GRC Wall Decoration and Calligraphy, GRC Screens, GRC Panel, GRC, GRG & Prefab, Car Parking Shed, Ac Trays, Water Tank Lining, Insitulining, CastleOak, Gratings, GRP Septic Tanks, GRP Tool Box, GRP Planter Pot, GRP Panel Tank, GRP Water Tank, GRP Lamination & Lining, Corrugated Sheets, PVC Tanks, Soakway Tanks, Cabin / Electrical Cabin / Cubicles, Car Shed, Shower Tray, Trolly, Ladder
Thomson FZE is a GRP specialist in fibreglass swimming pool lining, GRP Cylindrical water tanks, Chemical Storage Tank, GRP Septic & Holding Tanks, Sectional Panel Tanks, Insulated panel tank, GRP Lining, GRP Mould Columns, GRP Cabins and more.

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