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Access Control System in Abu Dhabi

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About Access Control System

An access control system is used to restrict access to unauthorized personnel. This system is incorporated in corporate offices, manufacturing industries, IT sectors, banks etc. These systems are attached to electronic doors, vaults, lockers, servers etc to prevent unauthorized access. Some commonly used systems are biometric access control system, fingerprint access control system, proximity access control system, door access control system, key card access control system and security access control system.

of the most commonly used systems is the door access control system. This system is easy to install, easy to operate, economical and is easily available. This system is used in various organizations such as hospitals, corporate offices, manufacturing industries, jewellery stores, banks etc. Some examples of door access control systems are electronic door locks, access control panel model and magnetic door locks. They provide high security, speed up authentication, maintenance free and reduce administrative costs significantly. Key card systems are use electronic access control locks that are automated using a bar code which is embedded in a smart card.

Another popular access control system is the security access control system. This system can be customized to satisfy each one need and comes with a monitored and non monitored option. Modern access control systems are equipped with an integrated biometric scanner which emphasizes security. Biometric scanners check the identity of an individual by scanning their unique attribute such as fingerprint, voice, facial orientation etc. Some examples of biometric access control systems are fingerprint scanner, palm scanner, hand geometry scanner, retinal scanner, iris scanner, signature dynamics, keyboard dynamic detector, signature dynamic detector and voice detector. There are six main benefits of installing access control systems which are simplified employee turnover, specific area restriction, saves money and energy, protect valuables, support multi-shift work environments and multi-location access. By simplifying employee turnover they benefit high attrition business, apartment complexes, college campuses, apartment complexes and school college campuses. It is easy to remove access to one individual key card or replace a lost card without the need of issuing a new one.

Key cards can be set up to restrict access to a particular room or a cabinet. Most security systems can be integrated with other building systems like lighting or HVAC systems. Some advanced systems can tell you what areas of buildings need light or temperature as they can be integrated with an automatic thermostat. If your business has a lot of employees and handles a lot of traffic access cards can be issued to every individual to help them identify imposters and facilitate authorized entry. They are ideal for multi-shift work environments. Businesses with several locations or a campus of buildings can help access control managers and workers move from one building to the other with ease. Security control systems are a part of every day’s life as they help in keeping your surrounding safe and secure.

Some popular locations to get in touch with retailers who deal with the supply and installation of access control systems in Abu Dhabi are Khalidiya, Old Mazda road, Electra Street, Corniche and Najda Steet.

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