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Accident Claims in Abu Dhabi

About Accident Claims

Accident Claim Case in UAE

Accident claim case lawyers deal with work-related accidents, road accidents, car and motor accident claims. The UAE federal Labour Law No.8 of 1980 gives a clear description of the compensation for workers who face accidents during work. If the workers working in any industry suffers injury or physical loss due to work-related accidents like loss of eyesight, limbs and fingers. Then the subject worker is entitled to get the remuneration from the employers or insurance agents. In case of the death during work, then the legal heir of the deceased shall be entitled to claim hundred percentage of the remuneration compensation. Below are some of the percentage breakdown for work injuries as per the Federal Law.

  • Both arm loss or loss of both limbs covers 100 percentage
  • Loss eyes covers100 percentage
  • Total paralysis covers 100 percentage
  • Complete mental deficieny covers 100 percentage
  • Head injury causing headache covers 100 percentage
  • Disfiguration of face covers 100 percentage
  • injuries causing permanent disfunction of internal and external organs covers 100 percentage
  • Loss of legs from thigh covers 90 percentage
  • Loss of arms from the elbows covers 60 percentage
  • Loss of fingers including thumb covers 50 percentage
  • Loss of one eye sight covers 45 percentage
  • Loss of fingers covers 25 percentage
  • Loss of one molar tooth covers 3 percentage

Are you looking to claim compensation for accidents in the work environment, contact the list of accident claim lawyers. The claim depends on the status of the injury, and the loss occurred due to the accident. They will guide to file a civil case against the insurance agencies or companies. To legally deal with any case, it is essential to get advice from the legal consultants dealing with accidental claims. Every accident victims deserve to get the compensation as per the UAE law. The legal consultant will review the medical policy, medical reports and the police reports and take up the case in the right direction to claim the loss. Any personal injury during the work falls under the tortuous liability. The compensations are calculated based on the direct and indirect connection between the doers and the injury caused.

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