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Advocates in Abu Dhabi

7th Flr, Al Ain Insurance Bldg, Hamdan StAbu Dhabi127547
13th Flr, Al Jamal Bldg, Near Al Noor Hospital, Khalifa StAbu Dhabi46891
104, Gulf Optical Bldg, Opp Al Fardan Exchange, Liwa StAbu Dhabi52320
9th Flr, Blue Tower, Khalifa StAbu Dhabi31604
105, 1st Floor, Al Serkal, Najda StAbu Dhabi35244
3, Shabib Al Dhahery Towers, Khalifa StAbu Dhabi46716
Western Tower, Abu Dhabi Mall, TCAAbu Dhabi36678
303, Al Fardan Tower, Hamdan StAbu Dhabi27631
Office No. 804, 8th Floor, Tamouh Tower Marina Square, Al Reem IslandAbu Dhabi

About Advocates

Advocates are professionals in the field of law and use different types of legal systems in jurisdictions. They are well versed in all law practices and resolve major conflicts in their respective jurisdiction. If a group of advocates participate in making decisions within political, economic and social systems or institutes their group is known as an advocacy. An advocacy includes different activities which a person or organization undertakes, this includes media, campaigns, public speaking, commissioning and publishing research. They also deal with conducting exit polls, filling an amicus brief or lobbying. Advocates provide advocacy support to different types of clients.

One of the most popular forms of advocacy is the social justice advocacy which follows a different approach which can initiate a change in society. It deals with questioning the way how the policy is administered, participating in setting the agenda, target political systems, administer policy solutions and open space for public argumentation. They exercise different types of advocacy which include budget advocacy, bureaucratic advocacy, express versus advocacy, health advocacy, ideological advocacy and interest group advocacy. They also exercise media advocacy, legislative advocacy, mass advocacy and special education advocacy. In budget advocacy, lawyers and attorneys deal with the proactive engagement of civil society organizations with the government budget in such a way that the government is accountable to the people. Bureaucratic advocacy deals with influencing an agenda to succeed at decision making. Health advocacy promotes patients healthcare rights to benefit citizens and the well being of an organization. An ideology advocacy is best suited to resolve group fights and protests as attorneys take quick decisions related to this field. Interest group advocacy is a mass advocacy where lawyers take the right decisions and perform lobbying as it is the right solution that I need. In mass advocacy actions are taken by large groups some popular actions include petitions, demonstrations and other similar facts. Media advocacy deals with the use of mass media as a resource to strategically perform a social or public policy initiative. In special education advocacy, a group of advocates focus on providing educational rights of students with physical or mental disabilities.

Advocacy deals with having their voice heard on important issues and defending and safeguarding their rights. It supports and enables people to express their views, concerns, assess information, defend and promote rights and responsibilities and explore choices. Advocates who participate in advocacy do not look for self-benefits but aim at helping the society as a whole. They use the internet to satisfy organizational goals as it helps widen the reach or clients and helps increase mobilization efforts. They also use social media platforms to benefit a whole group or a community. Advocates can set up their own firm, appoint lawyers and attorneys to outsource their jobs. They also offer a wide range of advocacy services such as short-term advocacy, group advocacy, citizen advocacy, self-advocacy and non instructed advocacy. Short term advocacy is also known as crisis advocacy and is designed to address specific problems and financial difficulties faced by clients. In this system, the attorneys support clients until their problem is solved and further move on. Crisis advocacy deals with addressing bereavement, homelessness or abuse. Here advocates do not replace professionals and are supportive of providing different services. Group advocacy deals with providing solutions for problems faced by the disabled. Most advocates provide free initial consultation to determine if your case required legal assistance. They also represent themselves during court hearings and defend the client using normal procedures. Some popular locations to get in touch with advocates in Abu Dhabi are Musaffah, Airport road, Lulu centre tower, Al Salam Street, Al Noor hospital, Marina Square, Al Reem Island, Arab tower and Khalifa Street.