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Aluminium Extrusions in Abu Dhabi

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About Aluminium Extrusions

Aluminium extrusions are also known as aluminium frames as they are designed to hold or support a structure. They are manufactured by preheating them to a specific temperature which is below the melting point. The heated billet is passed through a tooling die which is designed to shape and form the billet and forced through a tooling die which shapes the billet into a cross-section. Aluminium extrusions have mechanical characteristics which allow them to shape them and form billet sections. Since aluminium is a highly malleable it can be shaped in various ways to be fitted in various sections. Aluminium extrusions are manufactured with low energy footprint which is half of the ordinary steel and involves minimal cost for manufacturing. It possesses a relatively high strength to weight ratio, therefore, making it the best choice for heavy industrial applications. There are different types of aluminium extrusion profiles which can be created with varied thickness. They are created with different void spaces that can be used for different applications. The most commonly used profile is the hollow beam profile as it is easy to erect and easy to maintain. It is a high beam profile which is nothing but a variation of a square profile. Other types of profiles which are the hollow beam profile and the triangular shaped profile.

Aluminium extrusion designers surface treat the aluminium extrusions for additional corrosion resistance, enhanced hardness and electrical insulation. They also add an electrical insulation for some of them to offer electrical resistance. Aluminium profiles are added to aluminium extrusions to strengthen them. Extrusions are used in the construction of automobile frames and other types of motion applications. They are commonly used in process lines, industrial applications and building construction. Designers create structural grade aluminium extrusions which are lightweight extrusions. They are best suited for traditional automation applications to increase the power to weight ratio of automobiles. Extrusion aluminium sections are very versatile and best suited for building and automation applications. It is an excellent structural material which is suited for different profile extrusions.

Designers transform aluminium alloy into objects which have a definitive cross-sectional profile for different use. It is corrosion resistance, ductile, has a high durability and is very versatile and robust in design. They are also used in heavy duty applications such as aircraft designing, marine shipbuilding and much more. Aluminium extrusion suppliers deliver materials to aerospace industries as they can be used for the construction of international space stations, space shuttles and satellites. Due to its conductivity and non-magnetic property they can be recycled repeatedly with minimal wastage. It is an eco-friendly option as most extrusions are made up of reused or recycled aluminium. Aluminium extrusion suppliers inspect your site and help you choose the right type of extrusion which is suitable for your requirement. They also provide free delivery service, installation service, inspection service and periodic maintenance service. Since aluminium extrusions are rigid and strong they can be used in heavy-duty applications and require minimum maintenance. Some popular locations to find aluminium extrusions in Abu Dhabi are Musaffah, ICAD, Tourist club area, Airport road, Hamdan street and aluminium valley road.

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