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Automation in Abu Dhabi

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Products & Services : Automation Equipment and Systems
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Products & Services : Automation Equipment and Systems

About Automation

Automation is a technology which allows a process or procedure to be performed without any human intervention. Industrial automation involves the use of control systems, computers, robots to handle different processes and machinery to replace human beings. Home automation systems are deployed to minimize the use of human operation at home. These systems are designed to minimize energy conserve time and promote a simplistic design to the environment. This is the process of controlling electrical and electronic devices at home remotely by using wireless communication. This establishes a centralized control of lighting equipment, heating and air conditioning equipment, audio visual equipment, electrically powered kitchen appliances etc.

There are three types of home automation systems which are power line based home automation, wired or BUS cable home automation and wireless home automation. A power line home automation system is an inexpensive system which does not use additional cables to transfer information but uses existing power lines to transfer data. This systems is vastly complex and involves the use of additional converter circuits and devices. Wired home automation systems are connected to a main controller which enables users to perform different operations using a centralized computer which is connected to the main controller.

Office automation systems include the use of electronic publishing, electronic communication, image processing, office management which is administered by the local area network. Some commonly used automation tools are artificial neural network, distributed control system, human machine interface, supervisory controller, data acquisition, programmable logic controller instrumentation, motion control and robotics. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which distribute automation systems in Abu Dhabi are Musaffah, Khalifa Street, Salam Street and Al Shaheen tower.

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