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Body Temperature Screening Camera in Abu Dhabi

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About Body Temperature Screening Camera

Body Temperature Screening Camera in UAE

Body temperature screening camera is a thermal screening surveillance video camera that screens records temperature of people passing through it. This temperature screening camera detects the elevated temperated through the radiations emitted. One of the main advantages of this body temperature screening camera is that they help to record the temperature without any touch and manages to filter high-temperature individuals from a safe distance. Apart from this they also help to detect fire and perimeter protection. They are designed to operate in adverse weather conditions and functions properly without any disconnect. This majorly helps in any emergency to alert the people.

Advantages of Body Temperature Screening Camera

1. There are multiple advantages of body temperature screening camera as they can translate heat into a visible light through which the temperature level can be recorded.
2. They are designed with a superior quality camera that captures high-resolution images during the pandemic. This product works in temperatures ranging from -40 degree Celcius to 60-degree Celcius.
3. They withstand voltage fluctuations up to 20% voltage that gives continuous signals without breakage.

Working of Body Temperature Screening Camera

1. When the device detects a temperature above the threshold limit it immediately alerts the person to take the required action.
2. The device is designed to measure the temperature within 0.5 seconds when the person passes through within 1-meter distance at an angle of 30 degrees.
3. The temperatures are detected and recorded in real-time and displayed synchronously

Technical SpecificationsDetails
 Specification Y3-TB01
 Thermal Imagery Sensor 1024PIXS
 Thermal Lens 5mm
 Temeprature Distance 0.4-1.0M
 Thermal Pixel Time Constant <4ms
 Temperature Angle 32 degrees left and right, 32 degrees up and dowm
 Processor H13516EV200
 Frame Rate 1-30fps
 Lens/Visual Angle 3.6mm/100degree
 Apply System Software Version IOS7.1, Android 4.0 and above
 operating System Linux
 Video Storage support maximum 128G TF Card
 Audio Compression G.711A
 Detection High body temperature > 37.3
 Battery 2 Pcs 3000 ma 18650 battery
 Operating Temperature 5 degree Celcius to 37 degree Celcius
 Product Size 216mm*63mm*114mm
 Product Package Size 254mm*150mm*140MM
 Weight 0.82/1.12Kg
 Power Maximum power 5W, 5V USB power supply

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