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Cake Boxes in Abu Dhabi

About Cake Boxes

Cake Boxes in UAE

Cake Boxes are used to protect cakes and other bakery goods while transferring the same from the bakery to the customer. They also help to display it delightfully. Folding carton and solid board cake boxes are popularly used in bakeries. It comes commonly in two varieties. 1piece design is popularly used in situations where the lid need not be kept open for a continued time. 2piece design is generally used in catering and buffets and this design allows you to open out the lid completely and display. Always keep in mind to choose box 1 or 2 inches greater to your cake to prevent the spillage at the sides. Boxes are usually made of long-lasting materials as a food board, corrugated sheet, corrugated fiberboard or paperboard. Usual cake box dimensions include 9x9x4 inch, 10x 10x5.5 inch and 10x 10x 2.5inch dimensions. Listed are the top cake box manufacturers in UAE

Types of cake boxes in the market

1. Standard Cake Boxes: These boxes are usually used for cakes with a maximum height of 6inches and diameters varying from 8inches to 20 inches.
2. Stacked Cake Boxes: These boxes are suitable for multi-tiered cakes or cakes with a minimum height of 16 inches.
3. Heavy Duty Cake Boxes: These types of Boxes are used for cakes heftier than normal cakes such as butter or fruit cakes and are manufactured of premium quality corrugated cardboard.

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