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Car Battery in Abu Dhabi

Next to Nissan Spare Parts, Mussafah, M 7Abu Dhabi46672
Office 123, Near 2nd Signal, Musaffah M-13Abu Dhabi37381
Near Sony S/Room, Old Airport RdAbu Dhabi5001
Products & Services : Batteries, Tyre Dealers
MusaffahAbu Dhabi113225
Bldg No. 1, Mazyad Mall Bldg, 79th StreetAbu Dhabi32905
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Madinat Zayed , behind Kalyan silkAbu Dhabi105722
305, 3rd Floor, Next Building to El Dorado Cinema, Hot bread Building, Electra StAbu Dhabi45163

About Car Battery

Car Battery

A Car battery is a rechargeable battery which is used to power the electrical components of a car. They power electrical and electronic devices such as car stereo, car headlights, starter motor, electronic fuel injection system, satellite navigation system, windscreen wipers, car air conditioners etc. A car battery is also known as a starting lighting ignition battery as it is designed to start the engine. When the car engine is running the power is supplied by the car alternator to power the car’s electrical system. A car battery is designed release a high burst of current for an instant which is enough to start the car. They are not designed for deep discharge or full discharge as this could reduce its overall lifespan.

A car battery is designed to supply extra power if the vehicle’s electrical requirement exceeds the supply from the charging system. It also acts as a natural voltage stabilizer as it equalizes high voltage spikes. Battery powered electric cars are equipped with high powered lithium ion batteries that are highly durable. A car battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy which transfers voltage to the starter motor and the electronic fuel injection system.They are equipped with a unique system which is designed to recharge the battery as you drive the car.

Most car batteries contain an electrolyte solution which comprises of a mixture of lead, sulfuric acid and distilled water which need to be replaced or topped up on a regular basis. Some commonly used car batteries are Wet cell batteries, lithium ion batteries, Lead acid batteries, valve regulated lead acid batteries and deep cycle batteries. Some popular locations to get in touch with retailers who sell car batteries in UAE are Silicon oasis, Deira, Sheikh Zayed road, Hamdan Street, SAIF zone, Industrial area 3, Electra Street, Al Quoz Industrial area 3, Mussafah and Al Burj Street.

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