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Concrete Premix in Abu Dhabi

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About Concrete Premix

Concrete Premix

Concrete premix products are manufactured at factories or batching plants. They are also known as ready-mix concrete. These products consist of varying compositions of cement, water, and additives. The compositions of elements or recipes are a precise mix of ingredients to produce several specialty concrete mixes. Ready-mix concrete is produced in a number of batches and are loaded into truck-mounted cement mixers. These trucks transport the premix concrete to the construction sites.

The transit time from the plant to the construction site plays a crucial role in the usability of the mix. If transit takes too long, the mixture will harden and cannot be used. However, some modern additives are capable of prolonging the time taken for the mix to set, making distanced deliveries possible. Metered concrete is used as an alternative to premixed concrete when the construction site is too far away. The procedure involves a volumetric mobile mixer, which contains the ingredients to be mixed at the construction-site. These mixes are not as precise as premixed concrete but prevent travel delays that make mix unusable.

Concrete premix products are used in most construction projects across the globe. Several batches of concrete premix are produced, loaded, and delivered to fulfill the volume required. Premix concrete is preferred over on-site mixing because of the accuracy of the mix and decreased work-site confusion. Specialty premix concrete products consist of a varying range of aggregates, which give the concrete additional properties. These premixes are usually more sustainable and durable than on-site mixed concrete.

Concrete premixes are produced by professionals and are of high quality. They availability of ready-mix concrete reduces construction time, as on-site mixing is not necessary. Less cement is used and wasted in total, due to the versatility of premix concrete produced. Mass production of concrete premix helps the overall consumption of energy and pollution during production. A number of construction suppliers and construction agencies deal with concete premix in Abu Dhabi. Some suppliers of concrete premix in Abu Dhabi are situated at Mussafah Industrial Area, Deference Road, etc.


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