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Corrugated Sheet Manufacturers in Abu Dhabi

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About Corrugated Sheet Manufacturers

Corrugated sheet manufacturers use metal, plastic or synthetic material to design sheets. They are mainly used in roofing applications due to their robust design and low maintenance cost. They are available in various shapes and sizes and can be easily installed due to their lightweight and flexible properties. Corrugated sheets come in different shapes and sizes; some commonly used ones in roofing applications are type B wide rib, type F intermediate rib, 21/2 rib, 11/2 rib, 2 composite and N deck. Type B wide rib is made up of corrugated metal which is efficient at load carrying options. It is made up of galvanized steel, painted steel aluminium or stainless steel. All the above metals are corrosion resistant and offer adequate tensile strength. This sheet is 36 inches in width and is best suited for applications which require rigid insulation or ones with a narrow top opening.

Corrugated sheet manufacturers make holes or support points to allow overlaps. The type F intermediate rib is not as widely spaced as type B rib and is made up of an older corrugated metal which is widely used for various roofing applications. The 21/2 rib is an older type of corrugated metal with upgraded carrying capabilities. This sheet is 30 inches in width and is very flexible in nature. The 11/2 composite corrugation is best suited for bonding concrete as it is uniquely shaped. It is made up of galvanised steel, painted steel or stainless steel and is best suited in locations which are prone to chemical corrosion. The standard size of a galvanized sheet is 36 inches in diameter.

Other popular corrugated sheets include 4 rib corrugated sheet, corrugated metal panels and R panel. The 4 rib corrugated sheet is used in sliding decks as they are not ideal for roofing applications. Corrugated sheets are used in minor roofing applications as they are relatively heavy. The R panel corrugation is suited for heavy-duty applications as they have a wide profile which is best suited for various roofing applications. This sheet is efficient at reflecting sunlight and offers weather resistance.

Corrugated sheet manufacturers use a PVC plastisol coated pre-finished steel sheet which is a 200 micron coating which is embossed with a leather grain finish which enhances the overall durability of the material. This will extend the lifetime of the sheet by forty years. Corrugated sheet manufacturers coat the area with polyester which comes in a wide range of extensive colours. They apply a lightweight enamel coating on the reverse side. This coating offers optimum weather resistance and some resistance to scratching. They come in an extensive range of colours which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Corrugated sheet manufacturers also supply insulated roof lights, insulated panels and cladding. They get in touch with customers and help them choose the right corrugated sheet and install them. They also supply other accessories such as purlins, fixings, flashings, ridges, fillers and much more. Some popular locations to find corrugated sheet manufacturers in Abu Dhabi are Musaffah, ICAD, Tourist club area, Muffasaha industrial area, Al Salam Street, Airport road and Electra Street.

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